Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Year in Facebook Status Updates

So, I usually do not participate in all of the different applications Facebook has to offer , but I actually thought the whole "Year in Status Updates" application was pretty clever.  Unfortunately, it appears that I can be quite long winded with my status updates, so the compilation really only includes about a third of the actual updates I had over the past year. 
I found it quite interesting that one of the common themes of many of the updates was poop.  Obviously,  potty training took up a big chunk of my time over the last year.  Also, I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of posts complaining about how miserable I felt due to being pregnant...I guess I reserved the bulk of those updates for the blog! 
Anyway, it was fun to read through all my updates, remembering hilarious things the kids have said and reliving all the fun family outings we've had throughout the past year.  So, I thought I'd share on the blog as well: 

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