Sunday, December 12, 2010

Surviving the Snowpacolypse of 2010

This weekend we survived our very first "snowpocalypse" here in the grand ole' state of Minnesota. We've officially lived here for about seven and a half years and until yesterday had not yet experienced a record-breaking snowfall event. We've definitely seen our fair share of snow, but never so much in one single dump.

However, if you stick around Minnesota long enough, I can assure that you will hear all you care to hear about the record breaking Halloween Blizzard of '91. Whenever the topic of snowstorms is brought up, a true native Minnesotan will have many a tale to tell about the surprise 28-inch snow dump that occurred at the end of October-early November of 1991 (yes, almost 10 years have passed and everyone is still talking about it!).

Even though I also consider Minnesota my home, I often feel like an alien resident when the reminiscing of the Halloween Blizzard begins. So, it is with MUCH excitement that after this weekend I can also declare that I am a survivor of a record breaking snow event as well. And...I can't wait for that Minnesota snowstorm conversation in 2020 where I can chime in with something to the effect of, "Remember the December Snownami of 2010?! Now THAT was a crazy snow storm!"

Anyway, on Saturday while the 5th largest snow storm on record was dumping 15-20 inches of snow outside, we stayed busy inside baking all sorts of Christmas goodies.

The kids had a blast watching the snow fall while eating their weight in Rolos, M&M's, pretzels, and spritz cookies.
Olivia spent most of the day observing the action, pretty much oblivious to all the fluffy white stuff falling outside.
It was especially fun to see how much the kids could do all by themselves this year.
They pretty much made the majority of our pretzel/rolo/M&M candies all by themselves (with the exception of putting them in and taking them out of the oven).

We also enjoyed eating our fair share of the final creation (in fact, Ben and I might just be partaking in the chocolate abundance right now...).
By the time afternoon rolled around, Zach wasn't as interested in being in the kitchen. So, while he played, Allie helped out with the spritz cookies.
Let's just say, with Allie around, the spritz cookies did not experience a shortage of sugar sprinkles.
By the time the spritz cookies began coming out of the oven, Olivia was spent and Zach made sure she had a few animals to keep her company while she napped away in her bouncy seat in the kitchen.
We now officially have way too many spritz cookies under our roof.
Today, we braved the elements (actually, the roads were clear, it was basically the frigid cold temperatures that proved the challenge today) and met my parents for brunch.
After brunch, the boys and Olivia spent the afternoon watching the Packer game at my parents' house (thanks to the massive amount of snow the Metrodome roof collapsed, postponing the Viking game, resulting in the Packer game being aired on local TV instead of the scheduled Viking game) while the girls headed to the bakery for a cookie exchange. We stocked up on yet even more Christmas cookies (12 dozen to be exact...I know...we seriously did NOT need anymore cookies...the situation is becoming extremely dangerous) and even brought back special gingerbread cookies for Allie and Zach.

So, to sum up this post, I give you two words that also sum up this weekend's events:

Snow and EXCESSIVE amounts.

It was definitely a fun weekend!


momyoung said...

You make it sound like so much fun, I wish I could have been there. Aunt Darla

ella reynolds said...

sounds like a blast! ps - i LOVE your shoe picture for the header of your blog! great idea :)

Jen D said...

We definitely had fun! The shoe picture is a result of my poor photography skills due to the fact that we had to cancel our professional session because Zach was sick. Hopefully I can reschedule soon and I'll have lots of photos to pick from!