Monday, December 6, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts

Our weekend of firsts actually began on Friday with our first trip to Daddy's work to meet him for lunch since Olivia was born. We've only actually seen Ben's work once before, so the kids were excited to have a look around where Daddy spends the majority of his day. While the kids were able to scrounge some candy off of Daddy and a few of his coworkers, Olivia snoozed the time away in her infant carrier. After a yummy lunch at Chili's, we made our way home. We actually arrived home just minutes before the first snowflakes of the weekend winter snow storm began to fall--perfect timing!
That evening, Ben attended a hockey game with some coworkers and clients, so it was my first time navigating bath/bed time with all 3 kids. Usually Olivia's fussiest time of day is during the kids' bath and bed time routines, but thankfully she wasn't fussy at all!
Saturday not only marked Olivia's very first blow-out diaper (I will spare you the details of that one), but what we believe to be her very first smiles! Smiling is definitely one of my favorite baby milestones and although we weren't sure at first that they were intentional smiles, after she continued to give her little gummy grin every time Ben talked to her, it was undeniable that she was smiling for real. I'm excited for her to practice this skill more in the days to come! We even captured a few photos of her first smiles:

Sunday marked the first time I have been REALLY sick since being a mom of three. Thankfully, Ben was able to take the older kids to church in the morning so that I could get some much needed rest. He was also very helpful the rest of the day, caring for me and the kids (and even getting pizza for lunch!), and after a few doses of antibiotic, I'm already on the mend. I'm hoping I can continue to feel better throughout today, but I'm thinking we'll still be spending the day in our pj's while watching a few movies so that I can get some rest.


Danielle & Vandenn said...

First smiles ARE great! Glad you were sickest over the weekend so that Ben could help you!

Allison said...

Those smiles are way too cute!