Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

That's right, friends! Weight Loss Wednesday has officially returned! Although I've been "unofficially" watching my food intake and increasing my activity level over the past three weeks in an effort to get rid of the pregnancy paunch, I officially started back at Weight Watcher's last Wednesday. Because I am already a lifetime member, I get to attend meetings and weigh in for the first three months absolutely free...which will be incredibly helpful since Weight Watcher's has completely revamped their points system since my first Operation Weight Loss venture of 2009 and there is definitely a lot of new things I can learn.
Anyway, let's start with the official stats...shall we? I have been debating whether or not to publicly divulge my pregnancy weight gain, but because I believe there was nothing more I could have done to aid in less weight gain over the course of the last 9 months (I was seriously on that stinkin' treadmill speed walking every single day up until 7 days before I delivered...AND I cannot tell you how many times I suppressed cravings for things such as Pop-Tarts, Pizza, and Rocky Road ice cream) I am going to be brutally honest and forthcoming. goes:
Operation Weight Loss 2010-2011: Baby Weight, Be Gone!
Official Weight Gain as of 10/30/10: +49 pounds
Official Weight Loss as of 12/1/10: -20 pounds
Unwanted Pounds Remaining: 29 pounds
(I haven't yet made it to Weight Watcher's this week to weigh in, but will update with this week's stats as soon as I do)
So, even though I've had quite a lot of time to digest those above numbers, I'm still feeling very overwhelmed by needing to lose TWENTY NINE POUNDS! I know that I did it last time and I think that is part of the reason it all feels so overwhelming to me...because I KNOW from experience how much work it takes and I KNOW from experience how hard it is. Although I never really said it last time, I think part of what got me through the whole weight loss process was knowing that if I did it well that I would never have to do it again.
Granted, I made lifestyle changes like eating right and exercising that still stuck with me after I attained my goal weight, but the adjusting to a whole new way of living that seemed so shocking when I first began my weight loss efforts was something I would never have to go through again. So, although it won't be quite the same as last time (because I have made those lifestyle changes), there are still a lot of adjustments I need to make if I want to be successful this time around and those things honestly seem very overwhelming to me at the moment.
The biggest of those adjustments is the exercise piece. Last time around exercise was really the key to me being successful. And, I discovered that cardio exercise was what took the weight off the fastest, also leaving me more flexibility with my diet (like being able to eat a cookie every now and then without gaining 5 pounds!). So, three weeks ago I started back up on the treadmill, this time with jogging instead of running. Although the first week was brutal (like, um, I could barely run a quarter mile without feeling like I was going to die), by the beginning of week two I was back to running three miles and by the end of week two I ran three miles in thirty minutes.
But, then the frozen meals I had prepared prior to Olivia's birth ran out, Zach got sick, the house got dirty, Ben's work schedule returned to normal, we hosted Thanksgiving, the cupboards and refrigerator needed restocking, the laundry piled up, I got really sick, and Olivia began not sleeping as well at night. So, basically the lack of sleep and the constant demands of caring for a family combined with the fact that I am still feeling sapped of energy from being sick have made it very difficult for me to even find a moment to myself, let alone 30 minutes to exercise. I know I need to do it and I know I feel so much more energized when I do, but it has been close to impossible to carve the time into my schedule without it adversely affecting my family.
So, anyway, one of my goals for this week is to try and figure out how to fit that exercise piece into my schedule (or, basically, into the lack of schedule that seems to be the theme around here lately.)
Ok, so that was enough negativity for one week. On a more positive note, here is a list of the things that have been going well so far:
  • Because I am nursing I am allowed to have WAY more food than I can even consume in one day. It has been incredibly easy to stay within my points allowance! Yay!
  • I can eat all the fruit (and most veggies) I want and not even have to subtract them from my points...on the new Weight Watcher's plan, these foods are FREE! Double Yay!
  • I am pretty good at picking out the healthier options when we do go out to eat or pick up food, and can even stay within my daily points allowance while doing it. Triple Yay!
  • I fit into some jeans today that were 2 sizes smaller than the jeans I have been wearing for the past 5 weeks. Quadruple Yay!

Alright, so even blogging is becoming nearly impossible (because there is a baby screaming to nurse, RIGHT NOW!). So, to end the first installment of this week's Weight Loss Wednesday, here are my goals for the week:

  • Eat Breakfast (yes, I have been skipping breakfast...not because I'm not hungry but because the three other little people in the house seem to make it almost impossible for me to get a bite to eat in the morning).
  • Figure out an exercise plan that will be beneficial to everyone in our family.
  • Drink More Water (I know I'm definitely not getting enough and I'm nursing, so I shouldn't let this one slide)

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Laurie J said...

Olivia's adorable--congrats to you!! And you go, girl. I'm almost 8 months postpartum (ahem) and I've still got quite a few lbs. to lose. So that you're starting now is INSPIRATIONAL. Looking forward to following your success :)