Sunday, January 16, 2011

Combatting the Boredom Bug

It never fails.  I can guarantee that at least approximately 15 times in any given hour throughout the day I will hear the phrase that most parents dread hearing....

"MOM...(melodramatic sigh)...I'M BORED!!"

And although more often than not I respond with some lecture about how many toys and games we own and how we should be grateful for those things (which inevitably falls on deaf ears), I sometimes have a few tricks up my sleeve to combat the boredom bug.  Usually those tricks involve somewhat silly, simple things that occupy bored minds for hours on end. 

Baking Soda + Cookie Sheet + Vinegar + Food Coloring + Eye Droppers =
45 minutes of scientific wonder
(and the bonus benefit of peace and quiet as they listen intently for the fizzling sounds)

 Scissors + Leftover Sunday Newspaper Ads =
30 minutes of intense concentration while cutting paper to smithereens
(however, be prepared for groans and complaints when you explain that we will not be decorating the kitchen floor with confetti-sized snitchels of paper)
All the action the older kids create will definitely keep your two and a half month old babe completely entertained. 
 Fruit Loops + String =
Edible, wearable art that takes approximately 45 minutes to create and consume
(Seriously, what could be more cool than that?)

Top off all those fun activities with a pizza, applesauce, juice box, and chocolate brownie living room picnic while also enjoying a movie starring animated talking wolves and you may just be lucky enough to have avoided hearing that dreaded phrase for at least one afternoon. 

Unfortunately, utilizing every single one of your tricks in one afternoon may set an unattainable precedent that will be impossible to live up to the following day. 

So....Any more ideas?  How do you keep your kids occupied at home when they complain it is just "WAY TOO BORING HERE!" 

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