Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PT Appointment Follow-Up

Olivia had her first physical therapy appointment yesterday and she did great!  Despite minor fussiness when the therapist was turning her head and showing me how to perform daily stretches for her neck muscles, she was all smiles.  The therapist said that she definitely has a very mild form of torticollis and is hoping after a couple months of daily stretching and weekly PT appointments that she will be right back on track developmentally.  Thankfully the flattened spot on the left side of her head isn't pronounced enough to require a helmet or any other treatment.  We are definitely fortunate to have caught this early on before it has caused Olivia any difficulties in development or growth!
In other baby news, it seems that just as I have established a coffee addiction to get me through the day on only a few hours of sleep, Olivia has decided to reach that sleep-through-the-night milestone!  Although I am finding that I somewhat miss our late night nursing/Star Trek Next Generation dates, I am pumped that she is officially sleeping from about 8:30 pm to 5:00 am.  Last Sunday, she even surprised us by sleeping until 7 am!  I cannot believe what a world of difference having a full night's sleep makes.  Since I didn't sleep well at all throughout the duration of my pregnancy, the last few nights have been the best night's sleep I have gotten in almost an entire year!  However, don't think I'm going to give up my morning coffee now that I'm getting sleep.  I've found that the energy combo of a good night's sleep in addition to my coffee is amazing! 
Well, we have a busy day ahead of us...with preschool and ECFE.  Happy Tuesday all!

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