Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Operation Weight Loss 2011:  LOSE THAT BABY BLUBBER!

Official Stats:  Sorry, no weight loss numbers for today.  I've officially not lost one single pound since December 1, 2010.  Major bummer...especially since I was actually trying.  Granted it was more of a C- effort (if I had to give myself a grade) with all the Christmas goodies around, so with the new year I'm also giving it 100% in the diet and exercise arena.  Anyway, to remain positive (since we all know I can be my worst critic), I have actually lost about 25 pounds since October 30, 2010.  Also, I weigh less now than I did before getting preggo with both baby #1 and #2 (heck, I weigh less now than I did when we got married!).  And, my driver's license weight stat does not prove me a liar!  Plus, most importantly, my BMI score is right within the healthy body weight range. 

The Good:  I've exercised and maintained my given points plus allowance (I'm following the new Weight Watcher's Plan) since January 1.  Yes, I do realize that it is only January 5 today, but 5 consecutive days of consistent exercise and no emotional or mindless eating is definitely something to celebrate. 

My new favorite go-to foods seem to be Kellogg's Special K Chocolate Delight, bananas, and peanut butter Fiber One bars.  Because I am allotted more points due to breastfeeding, I really haven't felt all that deprived.  Sure, I still have those cravings for sugar-laden, carb-filled goodies, but as I've been refusing to give in to those cravings, guess what?  I actually feel better and crave them less.  I'm wondering if there is some link between feeling down/depressed and high sugar/high carb foods.  I should look into that (or type it into Google and see what comes up).  Anyway, my attitude has definitely been more positive this week. 

Exercise has been going well too.  I've decided to do alternating days using the treadmill and hanging out with Miss Jillian and The Shred.  Since I can get quite competitive with myself, I've opted not to keep track of time and mileage, but only place little smiley faces on my calendar on days I exercise.  Corny...ummm...yes.  But, the goal is to have more smiley faces at the end of the month of January than blank days.  Right now, my focus needs to be consistency, not necessarily speed or endurance (at least not yet).  I've also discovered our cable On Demand feature has TONS of free exercise videos.  And, Allie LOVES to do them with me (Zach, on the other hand, just sits there and watches Allie and I like we are crazy)...especially the dance ones.  I actually really like the Zumba  video and am considering purchasing a full length one.  I know it is pretty anyone out there done it?  What do you think?

The Bad:  Obviously the fact that my weight loss seems to have halted is not good.  But, all I can really do about that right now is keep on making good choices and hope that it will eventually pay off (which, I know from experience that it will).  I also thrive extremely well within a structured routine, so a consistent daily exercise time would be really beneficial for me.  However, that is just not going to happen right now.  If the kids are doing well, then I can hop on the treadmill during the day...or if Olivia gets up to eat at around 5 AM, then I can pop in The Shred after she goes back to bed while everyone else is still sleeping (it is this option that has found me making new friends with the Starbucks Skinny Vanilla or Caramel Latte)...or I have to wait until after dinner when Ben is home so he can watch all 3 kids while I exercise...or wait until everyone has gone to bed after 8:30 pm (which is my least favorite option because often Olivia needs to nurse at that time!).  Basically, not one of the above options works consistently because I have NO idea what obstacles the day will hold.  So, I've decided that this obstacle will instead serve as a lesson in flexibility. 

Goals for Next Week:  Not too many new ones.  I feel like I have my plate full just keeping within my diet parameters and exercising consistently.  I definitely need another week to master these skills before moving on to something new.  However, I really do need to research and price out coffee maker options....

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