Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Operation Weight Loss 2011: 
Lose Those Preggo Pounds!
Weight Loss This Week:  -0.2 lbs (big whoop...)
Weight Loss To Date:  -25.2 lbs

I got on the scale this morning, pretty much certain I would see the same numbers I've been seeing for the past month, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was down by 0.2 pounds.  So, even though it's not much, it is a loss, and at this point I'll definitely take that over a gain or seeing those same cursed numbers I've been seeing for weeks on end.  I've decided to also include my entire weight loss since having Olivia...mostly because seeing -25.2 makes me a lot happier than seeing a measly -0.2. 
Regular exercise went really well this week.  I was able to alternate between doing about 2.5 miles on the treadmill and doing The Shred (muscle toning).  I find that I enjoy the treadmill a lot more (perhaps I need a new exercise video because watching and hearing Jillian say the same thing  is starting to grate on my nerves), so I did run a few more days than I spent with Ms. Michaels.  I also took one day off...which at first made me disappointed in myself, but later I realized it was probably a necessity to rest my burning quads.   
I would like to get back to doing 3 miles in 30 minutes (right now I'm at 2.5 miles in about 28 minutes), but I think instead of making that my goal for this week, it will instead serve as my goal for the end of the month.  Ya, ya, I know what I said about consistency and not setting mileage/time goals, but my competitive nature has gotten the best of me and I fear I will just chuck the whole running thing if I don't actually have something to motivate me to work towards.
My eating has definitely improved this week.  It is ah-mazing how much more disciplined I can be without the constant temptation of Christmas cookies everywhere I look.  Although I have been getting more sleep (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Miss Olivia!), I still feel tired.  I think it must be the months and months of sleep deprivation finally catching up with me.  So, anyway, I'm also still majorly craving sugary carbs, but it has been easier to curb those cravings because we don't have any in the house.  Granted, I did have one evening of shear sugar-carb need and ended up swiping some of the kids' chocolate animal crackers, but I figured that was far better than consuming the brownie or doughnut that I really wanted (which was thankfully not in the house because I definitely did not have the will power that evening to refuse). 
So, goals for next week include keeping with the diet and exercise.  I'm not going to add too much more right now because I'm not sure I can handle much more.  I'm hoping to see some more substantial weight loss numbers soon, but for now I'm choosing to be happy with the fact that my pants don't seem to be fitting as tightly and am hoping my lack of weight loss is nothing more than my body turning that jiggly fat into muscle.  If that's not the case, well then, I guess I'm fine living in my delusion for the time being. 

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