Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Operation Lose Those Pregnancy Pounds: 
Week 3:  1/13/11 - 1/19/11
Weight Lost This Week:  +0.2 pounds (AAACK!!!)
Current Weight Lost to Date:  +0.2 pounds (SERIOUSLY?!)
Weight Lost Since Baby:  -25 pounds

I am still not quite sure how in the world I am not losing weight.  You would think the 14+ miles I ran in the last week would have helped things along, but apparently not.  I guess it could have had something to do with the stuffed crust Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza making its way to my kitchen table this past week...along with the fact that somehow a pan of brownies topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups made their way into my oven on that same evening.  However, the Weight Watcher's plan allows for moderate indulgences such as these (each week you are allowed additional points to use throughout the week) and even when I tabulated the points plus values for those two pieces of pizza and the brownies (no, I'm not going to reveal how many brownies I ate...), I didn't surpass those "extra" points.   
So, whatever.  I'm irritated.  It is completely discouraging when it seems like no matter what I do, my body will not rid itself of the baby blubber. 
Anyway, exercise is going well.  See all my smiley faces:
The 'R' labels are for days that I run and the 'S' labels are for days I do the Shred with Jillian.  As you can see, I've pretty much abandoned Jillian over the last couple weeks.  I just haven't been that excited about her, I probably need to find something new that can help me strengthen my core muscles. 

Running has been going pretty well, though.  Today, I was able to crank out 3 miles in 29:45.  Granted, I almost died (I'm pretty sure the coroner's report would have read "death by sweat asphyxiation")...and then when I went to stretch afterwards, I totally lost my footing and thwacked my right ankle bone on the side of the treadmill (although I can run, I never said I was coordinated...thus, my extreme fear of exercising in public). 

At first I didn't think it was that bad, but after removing my sock and seeing the blood and bruising...I thought that a bit of ice was in order: 
(so, it took me like 15 shots before I successfully took this picture of my leg and foot minus my toes...because, seriously, who wants to see ugly toes that have been neglected for the past who-knows-how-many months due to pregnancy and the arctic blast?  And, no, there will not be a picture of my nasty ankle because, trust me, it just seriously looks nasty.)

No new goals for this week...just trying to find the motivation to keep making good choices amidst the chaos of 3 kids and absolutely NO encouragement from the scale.  However, considering the past three weeks' weight loss achievement, maybe I will actually lose weight this week if I starve myself and run one-legged....

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