Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catch Up

Tonight I'm sitting here in bed, cozy underneath the covers, watching "What Not to Wear" on TLC (why can't I get myself on that show?!), drinking hot cocoa, and completely at a loss as to what to blog about.  I've been a bit MIA the past few days, mostly because my laptop has decided that it will only hold a charge for 5 minutes.  Add to that a fussier than normal baby who is really not into taking naps and a laundry pile that never seems to disappear and there is just not really a lot of time left over for blogging. 

So, I'll just hit the high points and then my head is going to hit the pillow.

Ben and I had a great time at his fancy schmancy work dinner last Friday.  It was nice to leave the kids for a night, get dressed up, and enjoy adult conversation.  I think my favorite part, however, was the fact that the only food I had to cut up was the food that was going into my own mouth.  And there was chocolate cake.

My ankle survived my high heel shoes, but because it was still sore and swollen on Monday, I decided to take an unofficial Facebook poll to see if I should go to the doctor.  What?  You mean not everyone seeks medical advice from their Facebook friends?  Actually, I should probably give credit to my sister who first demanded suggested I take my pathetic ankle to the doctor.  Anyway, the doctor diagnosed me with a severe ankle sprain when the X-ray showed no breaks.  No running for 2 weeks.  Um...we'll see about that. 

I got on the scale last Friday and was elated to discover I lost 1.2 pounds-yay!  Then, I got on the scale this morning and discovered I had gained 1.5 pounds back-grrr.  Darn chocolate cake.  Basically, don't expect a Weight Loss Wednesday update this week either.

Today I made Zach his favorite snack...Peanut Butter Banana Bites (basically, cut up banana smeared with peanut butter and topped with craisins and a frilly toothpick) while Allie was at preschool and before we had to leave for his ECFE class. 

Allie has been spending most of her time writing.  It is amazing to me how much she has taught herself!  It is so cool to see her mind working out letter sounds and putting them together to make words. 

Translation:  Alligator (line 1), Crayon (1st word, line 2), Tap (2nd word, line 2), Pencil (line 3), Lion (line 4)

And this little cutie turned 3 months old! 

Stay tuned for more 3 month pictures of Miss O...

My mind now officially feels like mush...time for bed!

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