Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Little Catch Up

We are well into February and I'm happy to report that despite having some very severe cases of cabin fever and the winter blahs, we are all still relatively healthy.  There has been a minor sniffle here and there, but I'd say this has definitely been our healthiest winter ever.  It almost makes the negative-some-horrendous-number windchill outside bearable.   On second thought, not really.  But, our bout of health has me incredibly thankful.  Three kids is definitely do-able, but three sick kids (and possibly two sick adults) is a whole other story.  A story I have yet to experience and I am perfectly ok with that.  Hopefully I haven't tested our luck by sharing our good health fortune in print. 

Anyway, the winter blahs took a set back this weekend with the Packers winning the Super Bowl.  We had fun watching the game at my parents' house and the big kids even spent the night Sunday.  Ben was more than thrilled with the victory (in fact, I think he is still on a winner's high) and his Viking fan co-worker did indeed change his hair color to green.

To continue combating these winter blahs, we decided to book a trip to stay at the Kalahari Resort/Indoor Water Park in Wisconsin Dells.  We were originally planning on skipping our annual winter vacation this year because of Olivia being so little, but after the past two weeks of continued snow, cold, and lots of time indoors, the kids are about ready to kill each other...either that or they are going to be the death of me.  I think we all need something to look forward to that doesn't include more snow and more cold.  So, Kalahari it is.  We had such a blast last year and the kids are already looking forward to it. 

Other than anticipating our indoor water park getaway, I've been busy trying to keep up with my growing 3-month old.  I have noticed that her clothes were getting a tad bit tight and when I put her on our bathroom scale I was shocked to see that she weighs 15.8 pounds!  Ack!  Allie did not weigh in at the 16 pound mark until she was almost 7 months old.  So, I spent the last two days washing 6-9 month clothes so Miss O has something to wear that doesn't give her elastic marks around her Buddha belly and packing away her 3-6 month outfits.  She only wore those 3-6 month clothes for one month.  Crazy.  I'm thinking she has to slow down her growth at some point...either that or we just might have a contender for the world's chubbiest baby. 

By the way, as I'm typing this post Olivia's snoozing away on my lap.  She's been having a rough time taking naps in her crib, so after listening to her cry for about 15 minutes I'm breaking all the rules and letting her take a nap on my lap while the two older kids listen to books on CD and I catch up on blogging. 

Let's see, the other big news around here is that Allie now officially has a school to attend for kindergarten.  Since our local school district only offers all-day, every-other day kindergarten, I decided to use the open enrollment option offered by the state of Minnesota to get Allie into a daily, half-day kindergarten program.  Long story short, as Allie's mom I know that she will do far better in a daily, half-day program rather than the all day, every-other day option.  Allie, like her momma, loves and thrives on routine.  Anyway, we found out this past Saturday that she has been accepted into our district of choice so I've been busy this week trying to get all the final applications filled out.  We get to tour the school and meet her teachers tomorrow night, so she's pretty excited. 

I think that about covers it for now.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to put together a Weight Loss Wednesday Post.  Stay tuned!

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