Thursday, February 3, 2011

Top Ten Signs You Are Dealing With An Overtired Three Year Old

10.  He wakes up in the morning approximately one hour earlier than normal and you are greeted with the grump face.

9.  Complete refusal to get dressed.

8.  Complete refusal to use the potty.

7.  Complete refusal to eat or drink.

6.  Complete refusal to participate in quiet time or *gasp* take a nap.

5.  Pretty much a complete refusal to do anything that you would like him to do.

4.  Every word that comes out of his mouth can be classified as a whine, yell, or complaint.

3.  He begins sucking his thumb so hard you are afraid his thumb might actually fall off.

2.  He won't stop moving for fear that he actually might fall asleep. 

And the number 1 sign that your three year old is overtired....
He falls asleep...sitting the living room while you and your 5-year old daughter are rockin' out to a cardio-dance DVD.  And, because his head won't stop bobbing back and forth, you have to lay him down. 

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