Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're Back!

Actually, we've been back from WI Dells since this past Thursday, but in between unpacking, tackling the laundry pile, taking a much needed trip to the grocery store, caring for a sick baby, attempting to entertain two very exhausted and over-stimulated kids, and making some important decisions about the future of our bathroom, there hasn't been much left over time for blogging.  Whatever time I have managed to scrape up has been indulgently spent reading the new series I started over vacation...because once tomorrow comes, Ben is back to work and life resumes back to normal and I'm fairly certain there won't be any leftover time, especially for reading.

Anyway, we definitely had a great time on vacation.  Even though February is the shortest month on the calendar, it can often feel like the longest due to the unrelenting cold and snow.  So, we were desperately in need of a getaway!

Things are always more hectic now with three kids instead of two, especially since Olivia is still so little, but with some tag-teaming we were all able to enjoy the Kalahari water slides and amusement park.  The drive was probably the worst part...definitely taking a lot longer than what we are used to.  I've made the trek several times, either by myself in college or with Ben after we were married, and with minimal or no stops it is a fairly quick road trip.  Oh...that is so not the case with kids.  Thankfully, the trip back to MN was faster due to the absence of snow (we drove through the remainder of the snowstorm down to WI Dells and it was not very much fun for anyone involved...Ben-the driver, Allie-the carsick puker, Me-the puke collector) even though I did encounter my first ever poopy blow out diaper change in the mini-van at a McDonald's in Eau Claire (there was seriously poop ON HER ARMS!). 

We took lots of pictures, but I have yet to sort through any of them.  So, as soon as Olivia's nose stops streaming boogers and I finish my book, I promise I'll post a full vacation recap with hopefully before next week :)  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy LAST DAY OF FEBRUARY! 

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