Thursday, March 17, 2011

Change is in the Air...Part 2

At the beginning of this week Zach had two working arms.  By Monday night, I was sitting in Urgent Care with my boy who no longer had use of his left arm.  At first I thought he dislocated his elbow after a minor trip-and-fall in my parents' living room while playing, but after an hour and a half wait and a five minute doctor's visit, I was told he was absolutely fine (and led to believe that my son was "faking it").  Seeing as I was exhausted, hungry, and now dealing with an also overtired, famished, in-pain, melting down three-year-old, I didn't question the doctor's diagnosis (although I was extremely irritated) and we went home where Zach had the worst night's sleep ever.  He was up every hour, screaming in pain, and rarely slept. 

By the next morning it was evident that there was something extremely wrong with his arm.  He refused to move it or even use his left hand.  In fact, he informed me, rather matter-of-factly, that he was just going to have to use one arm and hand from now on because the other one was "just broken and wasn't working." 

I was able to get him in to see our clinic's doctor, whereupon she agreed there was definitely something not right with his arm.  Zach, bless his little heart, was trying to be "brave" and insisted to the doctor that he was all better and not in pain even though his facial expressions completely gave him away every time the doctor manipulated his elbow.  After a short wait, the doctor referred us to an orthopaedic specialist clinic that took walk-ins until 4:00 in the afternoon.  At that point, it was 3:20.  So, we raced as fast as we could and made it to the front desk of the orthopaedic clinic with a mere 7 minutes to spare. 

After a consult with the doctor and several x-rays (Zach even smiled for his "arm pictures of his bones"), the doctor determined Zach had a hair line fracture in his elbow.  He picked out a color for his cast and within 15 minutes his little arm was immobilized. 

He affectionately refers to his cast as his "bone band-aid."  He is doing MUCH better now that his arm cannot be moved.  Because the break wasn't that severe, he only has to have the cast on for 10 days.  So far, the cast doesn't seem to keep him from doing anything and he is actually pretty proud of it! 

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Jen Norman said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for your little guy! A few years ago I broke my elbow in four places and it was the worst pain I had ever experienced. It didn't help that it was misdiagnosed as a pulled muscle...arg.
What is it with Dr's and elbows?
I am glad that he has his bone band aid and is feeling better. Hope he heals soon. :) Nice bathroom too by the way.