Thursday, March 17, 2011

Change is in the Air...Part3

At the beginning of this week Allie had a mouth full of baby teeth.  This morning she woke up crying because her tooth was "GOING TO FALL OUT!"  (woops...I guess we didn't quite prepare her adequately enough for this childhood right of passage). 

After wiggling her tooth all day long, complaining about how annoying her loose tooth was, fretting about whether or not it would ever fall out, and worrying that it wouldn't fall out in enough time for the tooth fairy to make it (because fairies have really small wings and it takes them a long time to fly), I finally asked her if she needed help pulling it out.  She told me she wanted me to yank it out.  So, I did.  After two pulls, Allie was missing her first tooth. 

Allie has declared that she doesn't really want money from the tooth fairy and is hoping she instead brings chocolate coins.  Thankfully, the grocery store sells chocolate coins, so Grandma made a quick trip tonight during bath time to gather the loot.  I also informed her that the tooth fairy only comes if you sleep all the way through the night. 

Ben commented to me tonight that he can't believe we're old enough to have a kid that is losing her teeth already!  I feel like it really wasn't that long ago that we were eagerly anticipating her losing that gummy baby grin and cutting her first tooth.  It is truly amazing how fast the past 5 years have flown by!   


ella peterson said...

LOVE the last photo of Allie. Super cute!

Michelle said...

Fun times! I'm sure she was ecstatic to receive the chocolate coins too:) Tell Allie great job for being so brave!