Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kalahari Vacation

Our 3-night, 4-day getaway last week to Kalahari in WI Dells was a blast!  Granted, taking a 4-month old, a 5-year old, and a 3-year old on vacation means there isn't much of a vacation for the adults...but, that is why we made sure to build in some "recovery" time from vacation after we returned home (Ben had off work on Friday and we also had the whole weekend before life resumed back to normal). 
The absolute best part of Kalahari was watching the kids have so much fun.  We loved seeing their eyes widen when they first saw the indoor water slides and swimming areas and it was even more entertaining to watch them splash around like they were in a swimming pool just yesterday (when in fact it has been at least 6 months!).
A jungle-themed indoor water park/amusement park/bowling alley/game arcade/hotel definitely helped cure our February cabin fever. 
Although Olivia came down with a pretty nasty cold, she still looked darn cute (and chubby) in her swim suit. 
She didn't spend as much time in the water park as her big brother and sister, but Olivia seemed to enjoy the warm air and water.
Allie was soooo excited to go down all of the water slides.  Showing absolutely no fear, she climbed up and zoomed down almost every slide her height would allow...including the Master Blaster (a water slide that actually shoots you down and UP!). 
Zach was a little more hesitant at first, but once he mustered up enough courage to go down that first slide, there was no stopping him!
Not only did Olivia have a nasty cold, but Ben was pretty sick too.  Despite feeling like his head was going to explode, he still managed to keep smiling!
I even went down my fair share of water slides with the two big kids...
...that is, until the kids and I actually got stuck on a water slide while inside our tube.  Allie started screaming in sheer panic and Zach vowed that he would never EVER ride in the front of the tube again.  After they shut off the water, the lifeguard came down to escort us back up the slide.  By that point, I had convinced the kids that we were super special and this was very exciting because not everyone gets stuck on a water slide!  They half-heartily believed me and proceeded up the slide.  Allie's favorite part about the whole ordeal was watching me climb up the slide and then slip and fall flat on my butt, sliding back down to the point where our tube was lodged.  Fortunately, I did make it back up the slide and we did make it back down again later.   
While Allie and I went down some of the bigger kid slides, Zach had fun playing in the kid area. 
Ben, although still not feeling up to par, did go down his fair share of water slides with the kids.

Being at the water park definitely tired our poor baby O out...and she spent a lot of her time looking just about like this:
In addition to the water park, there were lots of other fun things to do at Kalahari.  Allie was most excited to paint her own pottery.   She picked out a small heart jewelry box, picked out all of her own colors, and spent over a half hour making sure it was absolutely perfect. 
Since Zach had absolutely no desire to paint pottery, Ben took him over to the amusement park where they rode the go-karts over...and over...and over again.  Zach still insists that the go-karts were his absolute favorite part of our Kalahari vacation.   
After the girls finished up with the pottery painting, we met back up with the boys.  Ben decided to take Allie on the indoor ropes course.  After they were all suited up in their harnesses, Ben claimed that he no longer felt like he was on vacation, but back at work!
Allie was very brave in the beginning, but by the end of the course, she was definitely ready to be done. 

We watched the two of them from the safety of the ground for a while...
...and then we decided we needed a slushy.
There were also some other kiddie rides that we rode on in addition to an indoor playground where the kids had tons of fun.  Most of our meals were eaten at the resort and one night we even had pizza delivered to our room while we watched "Tangled."  Because Olivia doesn't really sit up at all, we opted to give her a bath in the hotel sink. 
We spent one afternoon bowling.  The kids used the bumpers and those cool little metal ramps so they could bowl on their own. 

Oooo...look at that awesome bowling form:
However, despite appearances, our family has not been gifted with the talent of bowling (but...if you notice...I somehow managed the only strike!).
This was our second winter visit to Kalahari and we think it may become an annual tradition!
Because...if your kids are going to live on a sugar-high for 3 days straight, it might as well be at a place where there are more things to keep them occupied than you could ever dream of on your own!

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