Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Update

Since we've had a rather uneventful, but somehow busy past couple weeks, I have kind of abandoned the ole' blog.  So...I'll do a quick rundown of what we've been up to (because I'm still not feeling that inspired to write much of anything). 

In T-minus 3 days our bathroom will be no more.  That's right...we went ahead and hired a general contractor for a complete remodel.  Although we're extremely excited about the redo, we are most looking forward to having a working shower again.  The past couple weeks we've spent looking at countless other bathroom remodels for design ideas, picking out lighting, picking out cabinetry, picking out name it, we've done it.  For some reason the whole process seems stressful to me...and we're not even doing the actual work (although Ben and I think it would be quite gratifying to participate in the demolition part of the project...I said something about wanting to use a sledge hammer and Ben just looked at me like I was a lunatic!).  It should take 2 weeks from start to finish.  I'll make sure to take before, in process, and after photos for all to see.

Allie has been keeping busy with preschool and her art projects.  I love that she likes to create, but wish there was some way to convince her that we do not need to keep every scrap of paper she makes a mark on.  About a week ago I went into her room while she was at preschool and did a major purging.  Ben said he is definitely not going to be the one to deal with her when she discovers there are missing art projects.  So far, no such discovery has been made.  But, since she does have an impeccable memory, I don't think I'm in the clear for at least another year or so.

I think over the past two weeks Zach just might have out-talked Allie.  Usually we refer to Allie as our most vocal child, but lately Zach has been the one who has been making noise from sun up to well after sun down.  Notice I said noise, not necessarily words.  There has been a surge in roars (dinosaur and lion), fart noises, spit-type noises, and general indecipherable vocals coming from his mouth.  However, he did manage to say his first real 'L' sound as opposed to the 'W' that usually replaces all of his L's.  It is hilarious because he has to concentrate so hard to make the L sound and his little tongue always goes in between his lips and teeth so that the L is very long and drawn out.  Oh...and he also informed his ECFE teacher that his mom likes "treadling"  (meaning, apparently, I like running on the treadmill). 

Olivia just realized this evening that she can roll from her back to her tummy!  She has been practicing and the kids have been cheering her on.  She still hasn't mastered tummy to back, so she gets stuck on her tummy, eventually gets frustrated, and still needs rescuing.  Unfortunately she seems congested from her cold a couple weeks ago and I noticed tonight that she has been grabbing her head and right ear an awful lot.  Hmmm...ear infection?  She had a rough night last night so we'll see how tonight goes.  But, I'm thinking we might be making a visit to the doc tomorrow.

Ben has stayed extremely busy with work and, as always, the kids keep me busy enough. 

I guess I've completely abandoned my weight-loss posts.  Thankfully, I have not abandoned the effort, I just haven't had much time to write about it.  I'm still running 3 miles a day and eating mostly within my plan (I say 'mostly' because I've had some moments of weakness involving chocolate).  Sadly, I think I've only lost about 5-8 pounds since the beginning of January.  I can't believe how much my weight fluctuates from day to day...maybe hormones, nursing, salt?  I don't know.  Blech.  The whole thing is just pretty much an irritant to me at this point.

Well, I think that about covers it.  Time to attend to my crabby baby (she flipped over on her tummy again!).   

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