Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

We had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus this weekend!  It was especially fun to see the kids' understanding of what Easter means grow this year along with their excitement to celebrate Jesus' empty tomb. 

We decided to go to the later church service this year so we could take our time on Easter morning.  We tried to convince the kids to sleep in, but Olivia (in particular) had different plans. 
Actually, Olivia was up late the previous evening due to a bad reaction to a new baby food she ate that evening for dinner.  I felt horrible for her as she ralfed up the entire contents of her tummy.  Poor baby.  So, it wasn't surprising that she was awake with the chickens on Easter morning and was more than ready to EAT! 

Upon waking up, Allie and Zach were excited to discover that our neighbor had left some Easter eggs for them on our back porch. 

After collecting their eggs, they came inside and we enjoyed a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and blueberry cream cheese stuffed French toast. tasted just as delicious as it looked! 

And, no, Miss Olivia wasn't allowed to have any...even though she was all smiles at the breakfast table. 

Before church we made sure to take pictures of the kids in their matching Easter attire.  I'm not afraid to admit that there may have been some bribery used in the form of mini chocolate bunnies to get certain individuals to cooperate (ahem...ZACH!). 

Apparently Olivia was not interested in smiling for the camera.  We tried everything, but she was obviously not in the mood. 

The kids really enjoyed taking pictures all together and I was shocked we actually got a few with all three looking at the camera!

Then, Allie and Zach wanted to give their little sis' a kiss.

And, the photo session ended promptly as soon as Olivia discovered Allie's hair.

After church, my parents came over and we had a great lunch of grilled steaks, potatoes, salad, veggies, fruit....complete with pie for dessert.  The kids could barely eat because they were so excited to hunt eggs.  Finally, with the dinner dishes cleaned up, the egg hunt was on!

The kids were thrilled with their candy and prizes.  They proceeded to consume every bit of Easter candy with minimal help from the adults.  We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon outside and proceeded to have leftover pie for dinner! 

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