Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 5 Months, Olivia!

I know I'm a few days late, but I didn't want to forget to wish Miss O a Happy 5 Month Birthday! 
This past month has definitely flown by and I didn't even realize how much you have changed until I looked at your pictures from last month.  Not only are you more smiley and more chubby (17.8 pounds of chub to be exact), but you have quite the amount of fuzz growin' atop your cute baby head.  In fact, we've even taken to calling you fuzzy head. 
You are an expert at getting everything into your mouth.  Your favorite things, though, are your burp rags, baby blankets, and bedtime elephant.  Although we haven't started you on solid foods yet...
...I'm thinking we should start soon!  In addition to grabbing at our food, plates, spoons, and drinks, we noticed tonight at dinner that you were practicing chewing while sitting in your high chair as you watched all of us scarf our pizza.  I bought some rice cereal yesterday at the grocery store, but I'd rather wait to do your first solid feeding until you can get over this nasty cold.  You have so much snot in your head and your cough is so nasty that I don't think stuffing you full of rice cereal right now would be such a good idea.  So, you can just keep practicing on your toys...and pieces of paper....
This month you have definitely settled into a routine of waking, sleeping, and eating.  And I have absolutely no complaints about it!  You usually go to bed at 7:30, sleep all through the night until anywhere between 5:45-7:00 in the morning before I hear you happily talking to yourself over the baby monitor.  In fact, most mornings you are content to babble to yourself for a half hour while I drag my sleepy butt out of bed.  By about 8:30 every morning you are ready for your morning nap and often sleep until 10:00 or 11:00.  You are more than happy to take an afternoon nap between 1:00-3:00.  And, sometimes you even take another later afternoon nap before going to bed.  If anything, I'm jealous of all the shut eye you are getting!
All your sleeping and growing hasn't seemed to affect your mood at all.  You are still one of the happiest babies I know!  You love to watch your brother and sister, and now that you are rolling back and forth, you roll in whatever direction they are playing in. 
You are quite the talker, too, baby girl.  You always seem to have something to say and we love all your facial expressions that accompany your endless babbling sessions.  If only we knew what you were really saying....
You love getting our attention and you are all smiles and giggles when you are the center of it! 

You are still a major pooper...and I've just come to expect at least a daily blow-out. 

Still lots of drool, but not really any other signs of a tooth. 

Your eye color seems to be changing and we think you are going to have green or hazel eyes like Mommy.  But, sometimes I wonder if they will stay blue, like Zach's.  We'll have to wait and see.  

 You have grown out of the bouncer and swing this month.  The last time I put you in the swing, you just looked ridiculous!  And, when you were trying to sit up in the bouncer so you could see what was going on around you, I figured it was time to move you to the high chair. 

We love you, baby girl!  Happy 5 Months!

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