Sunday, April 10, 2011

Olivia is Eating Solids!

This past Wednesday Olivia had her first taste of something other than milk.  She entered the world of solids with a pink bowl (that was way too full...obviously I forgot how little they eat the first time) of baby rice cereal.  And, yes, Olivia is sporting a "Happy First Birthday" bib because apparently that is the only bib I had left that wasn't completely destroyed by the first two babies.

Unfortunately, Olivia wasn't too thrilled with the whole solid food experience the first time around.  I still don't think she sees the need for the consumption of anything other than milk.  I'm certain if she could speak she would narrate her experience with the following photo captions:     
"What in the world are they putting in my mouth?!"

"I don't really know why she's waving that thing in front of my face...I think she wants me to open my mouth."

"I have to do this again...really?  Aren't we done yet?"

"Help.  Me.  I.  Need.  Milk."

"I'm seriously getting desperate here."

"No way.  That is not going in again."


"Why is everyone watching me?"

" I'm just getting downright mad."

"I think I'm traumatized for life."

"Now this is better."

"Yep...I definitely feel better now."
Since Wednesday Olivia has been having "dinner" with us nightly.  I added some pureed bananas to the rice cereal on Thursday which seemed to make it go down much easier.  Tonight she had her first sweet potatoes and even seemed to get a little fussy when I took a break to try and eat some of my own dinner.  She didn't stop "complaining" until I put my fork down and picked her spoon up to feed her again! 

She still doesn't open up her mouth very wide and basically "sucks" the food off the spoon, but is getting better with each dinner.  I'm sure before no time she will be a pro! 

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