Sunday, April 3, 2011


This weekend we finally had one of our first tastes of spring!  All of us were more than happy to welcome the sun and 50-degree weather.  Even though Olivia was still not feeling the greatest, we bundled her up for a family walk to the park....
(by the way...I'm thinking the fact that I can zip my almost 18 pound baby up in my jacket is good indication that I may in fact be shedding some of those preggo pounds!)

The sun felt WONDERFUL!  Allie finally had the chance to practice riding her scooter that she got for Christmas.  She was excited to be able to ride it all the way to the park. 
Zach is still working on learning how to pedal his trike.  He's almost there, but can't quite get the coordination down yet.  However, with more warm weather in the forecast this week, I'm sure he'll get additional opportunities to practice. 

Yay for spring!!!

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