Friday, April 15, 2011

A Typical Day

 See these three yahoos?
Yes, those three?

I'm actually stuck at home today with those three while the mini van is getting a new muffler and a tire patch.  I wasn't really planning on going anywhere today anyway, but just knowing that I am without a vehicle makes me feel stuck.  But, I guess when it comes down to it, I can't think of any other three yahoos that I'd rather be stuck with. 

So far, today, we've eaten scrambled eggs with English muffins for breakfast while we opened our egg of the day in preparation for Easter.  Today's egg held a feather (actually a pink feather from one of Allie's dress up boas) to remind us of Peter's denial of Christ.  Although Allie seems fully engaged with the opening of the eggs and is really into the concept, Zach is continually frustrated by the absence of candy in the eggs. 

After breakfast, the two big kids built a sky-scraper that turned into a castle in the downstairs playroom while I ran on the treadmill and Olivia took her morning nap.  I unloaded the dishwasher and took a shower.  I woke Olivia up after two hours (I'm actually not sure how long she'd sleep if I let her) and while she was nursing, the big kids and I watched a brand new Bubble Guppies (oh, the joys of Nick Jr.). 

After that, I downloaded Beverly Cleary's Mouse and the Motorcycle to my Kindle and we read the first four chapters together on the floor while simultaneously entertaining Olivia before our stomachs told us it was time for lunch.  A few hot ham and cheese sandwiches later, along with apple slices, yogurt, and cheese pretzels, Olivia filled her pants to overflowing.  While I was cleaning up the mess, the big kids chose board games for us to play. 

We got in two games of Candyland before Olivia declared her unhappiness.  After her lunch, it was off to nap time for her and back to board games for me and the big kids.  We tackled Princess Bingo and a few rounds of an ice cream word-making game before I declared quiet time had arrived.  Chapter 5 saw Ralph venturing into the hallway of the hotel on his motorcycle...and then it was time for everyone to head to their rooms.  Allie is presently making a birthday present for Grandma's birthday party tomorrow and Zach is supposed to be sleeping, but I can hear him sneaking around his room.  And, actually, the door just creaked open and I had to remind him that quiet time lasts until 3:00.

I am watching last night's episode of "The Office" while trying to catch up on the blog.  I'm also contemplating a snack, but trying to decide if I'm really hungry or not.  I'm thinking I should probably do an update post on the ole' diet...seeing as I'm actually losing weight now and not so nearly depressed about the whole preggo weight gain situation.  Later...stay tuned. 

I'm not quite sure what is on the agenda for after quiet time.  I'm sure Allie will want to know as soon as the clock hits 3:00.  It is kind of cold, grey, and icky outside (apparently snow is on its way...ahhhhh!).  Ben is in Rochester for work today, so I'm waiting to hear word if he will be late in coming home tonight. 

Dinner will probably need to be cooked at some point...I'm thinking either Chicken Teriyaki Stir-Fry with Rice or Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes.  Zach will be mortified to learn that both selections will be served with a side of broccoli.   

I washed a load of Olivia's clothes...some 6-9 month spring/summer clothes.  I thought since the weather was getting warmer she'd need some outfits with short sleeves (but, apparently with the reappearance of impending SNOW I may have been wrong!).  Anyway, the clothes are waiting in the dryer, wrinkle guard kicking in every now and then for the past two hours, to be folded and put away in her room. 

Thankfully I cleaned yesterday.  My family is coming over tomorrow to celebrate my mom's birthday.  I kind of have this mental block about cleaning on Friday, so I'm glad the chore got done yesterday.   

Later tonight, after the kids go to bed, Ben and I have been looking forward to watching the new Harry Potter movie all week long.  We usually get to the theater to see the Harry Potter movies, but with Olivia's arrival this past year, it didn't happen.  We've both read the books, so it's not like we don't know what happens, but we're still excited to see it anyway. 

Yay for Fridays...and pajama days...did I mention we are all still in pj's?  Stuck at home, remember?

And, now it is 5 minutes until the end of quiet I best be signing off. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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