Monday, May 23, 2011


Last weekend Allie and I attended "Annie" at the Children's Theater in Minneapolis.  I can remember watching the movie when I was about Allie's age and LOVING it.  So, when I heard they were putting on the musical in the Twin Cities, I had to snag us some tickets. 

So, last Saturday, Allie and I headed out for lunch at a little cafe in downtown Minneapolis before making our way to the Children's Theater to see "Annie."  Allie was definitely excited, but since she has never been to a play or musical before, she was really not sure what to expect.  Here she is at the theater, waiting for "Annie" to begin, with her very own Sandy (I know, bad quality phone photo): 
The musical was over 2 hours, so I wasn't sure if it would hold Allie's attention, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.  From the very first time Annie waltzed on stage, Allie was mesmerized.  Her eyes were glued to the front and she sat on the edge of her seat throughout the entire production.  She LOVED it and even after 2 hours was so sad that it was over.  She told me that it was so much better than a movie! 

It has been a week later and Allie is still singing songs from the play and taking Sandy with her all over the house.  She has adopted a little bit of a New York accent in an effort to sound like Annie as well.  Plus, she regularly enlists Zach to help her act out scenes from the play. 

While we were enjoying the show, Ben stayed home with Zach and Olivia.  Zach opted for a PJ day and was apparently struggling to wake up from his afternoon nap when Ben snapped this picture. 
It was good that I left these two at home because there would have been no way they could have sat through a 2-hour musical.  But, I am looking forward to the day that I can take them too!

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