Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Wow...can it really be May already?  Somewhere between the rain/snow/sleet and thirty degree temperatures May must have snuck up on me.  Thankfully the sun shining today makes it seem much more like May as opposed to March.  However, the overtired five year old, three year old, and six month old have been been given mandatory nap time today instead of outside play time (a necessity for the well being of the entire family).  A busy morning at preschool and ECFE has definitely given my three kiddoes a case of the crankies.  And, to be honest, their momma isn't immune.  So, armed with my cup of coffee and a therapeutic posting on the old blog, I'm hoping to make a full recovery before the end of nap time so that we can all go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Although the past week's weather has been dismal (to say the least), we did have some highlights.  For instance, three generations gathered 'round the television last Friday morning to ooh and ahh over the DVR'd royal nuptials.  The most exciting part for Allie was the kiss and Zach was completely enamored by the airplanes that flew over the palace.  Apparently the shocker of the morning was my proclamation that Kate and I are both the same age...Allie, in complete disbelief, declared that I definitely looked way older...to which I replied that Kate has yet to birth three children in less than five years. 

The weekend brought even more rain and an intense case of cabin fever.  So, Saturday found us shopping for summer clothes for the kids.  I figure summer must come at some point and we are darn well going to be prepared...even if it means wearing flip-flops in 35-degree weather. 

Apparently gloomy weather also does not bode well for my diet because Ben easily talked me into consuming one of the most greasy yummy cheeseburgers and fries that I'd had in a long time for lunch on Saturday.  And despite the gut rot I endured the remainder of the day, I still thought it would be fun to indulge in a piece of German chocolate cake at Cafe Latte in St. Paul on Sunday after dropping Allie and Zach off at my parents to spend the night. 

Oh, and remember how I'm trying to lose weight?  Yeah...I obviously forgot about that too.  I've also discovered this week that running 3.5-4 miles everyday will not result in any amount of weight loss when you consume that many calories in two days' time.  Was it worth it?  Eh...jury's still out on that one. 

So, Sunday night found us enjoying the quiet of our own home with only one kid...who is still the easiest and happiest baby EVER.  We had a relaxing night of laundry tackling and kids' closet purging.  Then, I decided to check Facebook before going to bed to discover that the president would be giving an address to the nation in less than 5 minutes regarding the death of Osama Bin Laden.  What?!  So, on went the TV and then we ended up going to bed super late, but thanks to Facebook we were well-informed American citizens....which, I'm thinking is probably not something I want to brag about, but meh...I'm too lazy to delete and re-edit this whole paragraph...so, now you know. 

I think that pretty much covers the excitement 'round these parts.  Thankfully, I feel the coffee kickin' in (I'm not usually an early-afternoon coffee kinda-gal...so that should give you an indication regarding the level of pre-nap crankiness that was evolving) and I'm already itchin' for the kids to wake up so we can head outside.  Happy Tuesday all!

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