Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day sort of snuck up on me this year...kinda like May snuck up on me.  I feel terrible that I haven't even gotten my butt to the store to pick out Mother's Day cards for our own mothers.  But, between the rain, the crabby and sorta sleep deprived kids, running to preschool, ECFE, doctor's appointments, and a baby with a nasty cold who also isn't sleeping very well and just wants to be held all the time, the store just hasn't happened this week. 

I'm pretty sure our mothers will understand...after all, they've definitely had the same type of weeks.  But, it doesn't mean that I still don't feel bad about it.  I'm pretty sure that any woman who has cleaned up puke in the middle of the night in a sleep-induced stupor, wiped poop off of every crevice of a little bum (and often other body parts as well), and refereed thousands upon thousands of sibling rumbles at least deserves a card, if not a medal. 

Unlike me, the kids' preschool and ECFE teachers did remember that Mother's Day was coming.  And, so, they helped the kids make these for me: 

When Zach asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day, I told him all I wanted was a day where none of my kids whined, cried, complained, or threw fits.  He thought about it for a moment and then replied, "I think it would be just easier if we bought you something from the store!"

So, when Ben asked me what I wanted, I tried to be a little more realistic as I thought through my options and eventually declared that I want a break from the kitchen!  He thought that sounded pretty reasonable...and then asked if there was any way I could prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Sunday on Saturday.  Oh the never ending joys of motherhood.   I joke...I definitely wouldn't trade being a mom for anything in the world, but the joys come right along with a lot of hard work.

Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend full of appreciating all the moms in your life!

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