Thursday, May 26, 2011

Preschool Graduation

Today, Allie officially graduated from preschool!  We made sure to get lots of pictures because although she is excited to begin kindergarten next year, she was also sad to say goodbye to all of her teachers and friends from preschool.

Here she is just outside of her classroom this morning before the ceremony:
 We also made sure to get a picture of her with her teachers Miss Billi and Miss Tammy:
In addition, Allie requested that I take a picture of her drawing of Sleeping Beauty and the flower that was on the classroom's dry erase board:

 And, then, she posed by the kitchen for one last photo op:
Later, we all waited anxiously in the sanctuary for her to march in for the official graduation ceremony:
As the music keyed up and she began marching in, I couldn't help but think that in another 13 years, we'll be watching her graduate from high school!

Each class sang a few songs...

...before their names were called and the diplomas were handed out.
Allie made sure to give Miss Billi one last big hug.  Afterwards, Allie told me that she felt like tears were coming out of her eyes when she said her one last goodbye to Miss Billi. 

Here is our preschool graduate!

After the ceremony, all the kids headed outside for popsicles.  I tried to get a good picture of Ben and Allie, but this is the best I got:

And, it completely cracks me up because they both could not keep their eyes open for any of the pictures I snapped!  Plus, there is no mistaking the father/daughter relation. 

Happy Graduation, Allie!  You are officially on your way to kindergarten now!

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Michelle said...

Yay Allie!! I'm loving the preschool gowns too:)