Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vehicle Day

This past Saturday was Vehicle Day.  The yearly event, sponsored by our ECFE program, is a fun way for kids to see (up close) all kinds of different vehicles.  From road construction equipment to delivery trucks, from semi-trucks to emergency vehicles, the kids look forward to exploring and "driving" each and every one.  This year Ben took the kids to Vehicle Day while I stayed home with a sniffly Olivia who desperately needed her morning nap.  Ben took a few pictures on his Blackberry so that I didn't feel too left out.  Apparently, in addition to "driving" a Zamboni, the kids also had the opportunity to operate the jaws of life.  Here are a couple pictures Ben captured on his Blackberry so that Olivia and I didn't feel too left out of all the fun. 

Not the best quality photos, but you get the idea. 

After vehicle day, Ben took the kids out for lunch at Culver's for burgers and custrard.  After lunch, they headed to Home Depot where Allie and Zach participated in the monthly free kids' workshop.  Since the weather was gorgeous on Saturday, the kids played outside for the rest of the day upon arriving home.  I think the kids would pretty much declare Saturday's event schedule a hit. 

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