Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why My Son, The Green Veggie Hater, Refuses to Eat Asparagus

Zach has already made it well known around these parts that he absolutely cannot eat broccoli because of its hair.  Green beans are only consumed under duress while simultaneously guzzling down an entire glass of milk.  Peas are mashed and then proclaimed to look slimy and disgusting.  Lettuce and celery are absolutely out of the question and I haven't quite been brave enough to suggest his consumption of zucchini. 

So at dinner tonight, already prepared for his response of disgust, I asked Zach if he would like to try some of my grilled asparagus.  He took one look at the asparagus spear on my fork, stuck out his tongue, and responded with a resounding "NO!"  When I asked him why not, adding that asparagus doesn't have any hair or inner slime, he calmly explained, "Because it looks like a big bug.  And, I can't eat things that look like big bugs."  Alright then.  Fair enough.   

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