Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Part II

On Sunday, we headed down from Sheboygan Falls to Racine/Kenosha area for the annual Dzioba Family Reunion.  We hadn't seen a lot of Ben's extended family in a while, so we were excited to catch up with everyone.  The kids were especially excited to play with all the other kids (which I believe would be their 3rd basically, Ben's cousins' kids...whatever relation that is, I'm not so sure). 

Again, the weather was completely uncooperative (umm...thunderstorms?!), but we still had a fun time visiting, laughing, and of course, eating far too many of Ben's aunt's mint chocolate brownies....seriously, my mouth is still watering just thinking about them. 

Olivia got to meet her Great Grandma Dzioba for the first time:
She also hung out with her sweet baby friend/cousin, Micah and his Dad Mark (again, I am so not an expert at familial relation labels):

Here is Allie with her new friend/cousin Megan.  They played with each other the entire time and Allie still cannot stop talking about how much fun she had with Megan!

I was obviously too busy chatting and catching up to take a lot of photos because that is all I have!  I know there are some photos floating around of everyone at the reunion which I'll be sure to add as soon as I receive them. 

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