Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer...So Far

Again, it seems I have been so busy enjoying our summer that I haven't really taken the time to write much about it!  Although the torrential down pours and tornado warnings have kept us indoors for most of this week, I can't say the same about last week. 

Since snagging a great deal on a Kelty backpack on Craigslist for our over-20-pound-almost-8-month-old, we've taken a couple walks through our favorite nearby park.  I wasn't sure if Olivia would like the backpack, but she was the only one of my three kids that didn't complain during our 2-mile walk.
And when she did get sick and tired of the the whole ordeal....
...she just fell asleep! 

Allie and Zach would much prefer to bike the trails...which we have done plenty of since we were also able to find an incredible deal on a trail-a-bike at a garage sale for Allie.  It's not in perfect condition, but it works perfectly for us!  Allie still hasn't gotten the hang of riding her bike without training wheels, but she LOVES the trail-a-bike.  I haven't gotten any pictures of all of us on a bike ride yet, but I'm sure we are a sight to behold as Allie's trail-a-bike is hooked up to my bike and Ben pulls Zach and Olivia in the Burley trailer attached to his bike. 

The longest bike ride we've been able to tackle with all three kids in tow has been a 15-miler on the awesome paved bike trails in our community.  Granted, there were lots of stops along the way (to potty, to snack, to play on the toys, to look at the deer, to snack, to look at the gigantic turtle, to potty, to get a drink, to dodge the passing downpour, to throw rocks in the river, to snack, to pick up a frog, to get a get the idea), but Allie actually pedaled the entire way without complaint.  Olivia slept and Zach almost succumbed to a nap himself, but was kept awake by the dark clouds looming a little too close for our comfort. 

Another favorite pastime has been swimming.  We've already been to the pool in my parents' neighborhood several times and the kids just can't get enough!

Olivia prefers to swim with mom or grandma...which also involves a bit of sunning as well.

Check out those thigh rolls!! 

Usually we end up swimming right through Olivia's afternoon nap (and Zach's as well)...and although she has been very close to falling asleep, she hasn't been able to nod off yet. 

Thankfully, it always ends up being a very peaceful ride home after swimming.  I don't even mind if I get stuck in traffic!

I believe I took these pictures while waiting at a stop light...less than 10 minutes away from my parents' house. 

We've had lots of trips to the park down the street...Allie on her bike while Zach and Olivia ride in the wagon.  We're still trying to work with Zach on riding his bike, but his first bike riding experience (the one where I forgot to teach him about the brakes and he rode right into the middle of the street, fell over, and drew blood) has him a wee-bit terrified.  Hopefully I didn't scar him for life and he will eventually decide to give his bike another try. 

Allie's caterpillar is STILL alive (going on three weeks now...).  The new debate is over what the heck we are going to do with the thing once we go on vacation soon.  I feel kind of invested in this creature, having fed and housed it for almost a month, and the thought of just merely letting it go (Allie's idea) after all this time and not seeing it turn into a creepy moth actually has me kind of bummed out.  However, since it is considered a pest (yes, people actually hire exterminators to get rid of these things), I don't think we can take it with us on vacation...because if it did somehow get loose and become the cause of the deforestation of Minocqua, WI...I would not only feel personally responsible, but be plagued by guilt.  The only other option is to leave it in its container while we are gone, but I'm not too excited about coming home to a dead caterpillar either.  Decisions....decisions. 

It has been kind of a bummer with all the rain this week.  Thankfully we still have plenty of summer left to enjoy!

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