Thursday, June 2, 2011

Zach's New Bike

This week Zach finally proved mastery over the tricycle and, as promised, received his first big boy bike!  He could barely contain his excitement as Ben put it together on the backyard patio.
In fact, he was trying to hop on the bike before Ben was even finished assembling it!
Zach is so proud of his Lightening McQueen bike and even claims that it rides faster than Allie's princess bike.

Now his bike is finally ready to ride!

Here is one proud boy getting ready for his inaugural ride.
And....he's off!
Somewhere between Zach mounting the bike and pedaling, we forgot to teach him how to use the breaks.  So, as he neared the end of our driveway which slopes slightly into the street, he began gaining a little too much momentum.  I ran as fast as I could in my flip-flops to catch up to him, but didn't quite make it.  Let's just say, we were incredibly thankful for a quiet neighborhood street and his bike helmet last night.  A few hugs and a Toy Story band aid later, he was ready to try his bike again.

He has been a little more hesitant since his first crash, but is completely proficient at braking now!  He is most looking forward to being able to ride his bike to the park.  Hopefully, with a little more practice, he'll be pedaling to the park very soon.    

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