Friday, July 22, 2011

Dancing Allie

After an entire year of asking, begging, and pleading (which, seriously, is a LONG time for any 4-5 year old to request matter how persistent they are) we finally enrolled Allie in a ballet/tap class. 
She was so excited that she could barely sleep before her first day of class a few weeks ago.

Her least favorite day of the week now is Friday because that means she has to wait an ENTIRE week to go to dance class again which, in her opinion, is absolutely perfect except for the fact that the class is way too short (it is 45 minutes long, by the way). 
After the first class, I filled out the registration for her to continue dance classes for the school year because when she found out there would not be a summer recital, complete with fancy costumes, she was absolutely crushed. 

This is only the beginning, though, because Allie is going to be a ballerina when she grows up...she's just sure of it.  Either that, or she definitely has a future in modeling.  Check out this pose...completely all her idea, with absolutely no coaching on my part:

And now I must go prepare breakfast for the troops.  Because at least a good breakfast provides some consolation for the disappointment of having to wait a WHOLE week for dance class to come around again. 

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El said...

fun memories and great learning experiences! At least she has something to look forward to each week! Adorable pictures as well!!