Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's time for some vacation pictures!  Now that we have been back for well over a week, I guess it is about time for me to get my act together and post some pictures from our vacation.  First up....

Fun times on Grandpa's boat!
Olivia's First Boat Ride...she wasn't too sure what to think.

This is how most boat rides eventually turned out for Olivia.

Zach LOVED driving the boat...and he was a pretty crazy driver!

Zach's first and only time on the tube.

Although it appears he is having fun...

...he quickly became scared and wasn't too keen on trying again.

Allie, on the other hand...

...could tube all day long! 

A rare moment where Olivia was actually awake while on the boat!

Allie even got bruises on her knees from tubing so much.

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