Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 8 Months, Olivia!

Don't look so shocked, baby girl...you really are EIGHT MONTHS OLD! 
It is getting harder and harder to take these monthly pictures before you destroy the number sign...or try to eat it...or try to wiggle your way out of the rocking chair. 

But, as always, there is no shortage of smiles for the camera!

It is also getting more difficult to keep track of everything you are up to these days...you are one very busy little gal.  At 21 pounds, you have officially become my chunkiest baby.  No worries, though, because we all love your adorable pudgy thighs and cheeks. 

It should therefore come as no surprise to anyone that you LOVE to eat.  Just a few days before your 8-month birthday you perfected your "pincer grasp" and now you happily feed yourself cheerios, graham crackers, puffs, sweet potato chunks, banana chunks, zucchini pieces, and avocado hunks.  Since you almost prefer feeding yourself to us feeding you with a spoon, I've been pulling out all the stops to come up with new and soft finger food ideas.  You also still nurse about 4-6 times a day and haven't shown any interest in giving it up.  We re-introduced bananas this month and, thankfully, they did not make you sick--yay!

The other big news of the month is that you are no-longer a toothless wonder!!

If you look very closely, you can just see those two bottom teeth poking out!  I actually found them on our first day of vacation (just a few days before your officially 8-month birthday) while I was feeding you breakfast.  All of a sudden, your increased crabbiness (which, honestly, wasn't anything more than a little bit of fussing and waking randomly at night...seriously, you are the BEST, HAPPIEST BABY EVER!) over the past week while I was desperately trying to pack for vacation made sense.  They continue to come in more each day and you love to use them to "bite" your toys, crackers, and even mommy...ouch!  Apparently, your sister was jealous of your teeth growing in and she has also decided to cut her first bottom two adult teeth.

You have still been sleeping like a champ, from 8 at night until 6 in the morning.  Unfortunately, over vacation you decided to move your wake up time to 5 am...yikes!  You prefer two naps, but will pretty much take them anywhere, which has been good because we've been busy having lots of fun this summer.

You think it is pretty funny to mimic our voices and our actions.  One of your favorite things to do is shake your head "no," but I don't think you actually understand what it means...you just love getting our attention!  You also love to "talk" and are still loud enough to be heard by all.  And, if we aren't paying attention to you, you make sure to squeal as loud as possible so that we all turn to look and see you grin. 

You are starting to like board books and continue to favor any toys that make lots of noise.  You are not crawling yet, but love to roll and scoot around.  You are never still and always kick your legs about a hundred miles an hour. 

Your favorite people are definitely Allie and Zach.  You always want to be right where they are!  Lately, when I have to wake Zach up from nap time, I take you with me because he is never crabby when he wakes up and sees your excited smile.  You are also tarting to recognize Grandma and Grandpa and are always excited to be around them.
This summer you've had lots of fun going on bike rides, going on walks in your stroller or wagon, swimming, eating grass, riding on the boat, swinging....you really like to be outside and I've noticed you seem to prefer being out and about where there is lots of action rather than having a quiet day at home. 

We love you, Olivia and are so happy to see you growing and changing every day! 

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