Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Ben has now officially joined the ranks of 30-somethings, making me feel not-quite-so-old anymore.  Our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart and every year he revels in his youth for those two weeks that he can claim he is "younger" than I am!

His birthday just so happened to fall on the same day we had planned to travel to Minocqua for vacation this year.  So, after packing up the van, picking up a few birthday donuts at the gas station, driving approximately 4.5 hours, and unpacking the van, we were definitely ready to celebrate! 

And, what better way to celebrate Ben's birthday than with his all-time favorite food--pizza!  After a busy day of traveling, we were all ready for some good pizza.

 And here is the very first picture of us as 30-year-olds!  Aack! 
Back at the cabin we continued the festivities with an ice cream cake...complete with THIRTY candles.

And no birthday is complete without presents...

He also received an air compressor (seriously...he is WAY excited about it!) as an early birthday present before we left and a belated birthday present of a chainsaw upon our return home. 

Packers.  Air compressor.  Vacation.  Pizza.  Chainsaw.  Ice cream.  It was pretty much a perfect 30th birthday!

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