Friday, July 29, 2011

A Visit to the Children's Museum

This week, in the absence of daily Monday-Thursday swim lessons, I had to find something to keep the kids (namely, Allie) occupied.  Going from daily activities one week to absolutely no plans the next week just doesn't jive with Allie's personality. 

Monday we visited a new park.  The plan was to skip the swimming pond and visit the nature center after we hit up the newly constructed play toys.  The new play toys were definitely worth the visit (except for the 3 minutes that I could not locate Allie amongst the hundreds of other kids there...yes, it really was that busy...I think I counted 4-5 school buses along with a parking lot full of family cars/mini vans), but it was a hot day, and after we discovered the nature center was closed for remodeling until next summer, I was regretting not bringing the swimsuits along.  So, to cool us down, I stopped by McD's for berry smoothies. 

Tuesday morning I made the last minute decision to hit up the Children's Museum.  I heard that Tuesday was the best day to go because of the "No Group" policy they enforce.  After Monday's mass chaos due to every YMCA group in the Twin Cities visiting the particular park we chose to visit, I was all about no more groups!  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that kids have day cares and YMCA's and whatnot, but still, a group of around 20-50 excited kids with only about 4 adults to supervise is just craziness. 

Anyway, after my own kids' excitement calmed down (mainly after we had ourselves a little chat in the family bathroom at the museum) and their ears were functioning properly again, we had a fun time.  Although it was busy, there were TONS of parents.  So even though there were lots of kids, there was also LOTS of supervision.  The only bummer, according to Allie and Zach, was that they had officially outgrown the toddler play area.  Apparently even though we haven't been to the Children's Museum in over a year, they still remembered playing in that toddler area! 

The special exhibit was LEGO castles and my kids were way impressed:

They also LOVED the ant hill that they could crawl through.  I remember the last time we visited, Zach was so afraid of the ginormous ant that he wouldn't even enter the ant hill!

And here's Allie...the turtle!
Zach said his absolute favorite part of the museum was being able to drive the city bus.

And, Allie spent the majority of her time in the grocery store.

What's all that stuff on their faces?  I'm sure you noticed...I mean, how can you not?!  Well, they painted their own faces.

Apparently, I was unaware of the fact that providing kids with their own face paint is the equivalent of injecting them with a combination of liquid sugar and caffeine. 
And then, because I wanted to see just how hyped up I could get them, I took them to McD's where they consumed a week's worth of sugar and salt all in one delicious, nutritious Happy Meal. 

I'm not exactly sure who decides what the toys will be, but a light saber?  Sure, let's provide three-year old boys with hyper-inducing nourishment and then simultaneously give them a play weapon (complete with sound effects) because that will surely make their parents happy, right?   After one too many jabs with the light saber, it had to be confiscated...mostly for this little gal's safety.

It was a fun day....tiring, but fun.  Now, I should probably come up with today's plan because Allie is soon to be asking and I'm fairly certain laundry and cleaning the bathroom won't elicit a positive response from her.   

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Laurie J said...

you are one fun mama! (and you look A-MAZING, btw!) way to go :)