Thursday, August 4, 2011

Not According to Plan

Our past week around here has definitely not gone according to plan.  Thankfully, there have been no life altering events or disasters to report, but instead just little things that have sort of changed  the way I originally anticipated the week playing out. 

Isn't that the way life is with kids, though?  For me, I feel like motherhood has been one big lesson in how to cope and patiently navigate through things not necessarily going as planned, how to have more realistic expectations while letting go of that desire for the appearance of perfection, and learning to make the best of less than ideal situations.    

Would I have learned those lessons minus the kiddoes?  Sure, probably...because there is little in life that can be controlled.  But, I do think my kids have put me on a crash course learning route that provides daily material for me to continually work with.  Let's just use today so far as an example....

  • Olivia wakes up at 4:30 a.m.  So not cool.  But, she is undeniably cute in her new pj's with monkeys on the feet.
  • Zach wakes up and decides to dress himself in solid orange clothing from head to toe.  Apparently we need to work on coordinating colors.
  • Zach hauls off and smacks Allie for bossing him around.  Zach screams that he does not want a time out.  Zach gets a time out. 
  • Allie complains that Zach is hogging Olivia...apparently he always hogs Olivia.  Allie grumps off to pout in her room.
  • Olivia refuses to take a morning nap.  I do my workout video in the living room while she jabbers away in her crib. 
  • Allie spills an entire can of baking soda while we are making blueberry muffins. 
  • The blueberry muffins, while they smell divine, taste like crud.
And that only takes us up to about 1:00 in the afternoon.  Thankfully, though, when I choose to notice them, there are just as many unexpected, unplanned moments of joy throughout my day:  A hug around my knees while I get breakfast together, toys being picked up without complaint (ok...that doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is worth celebrating!), Zach offering to pray for lunch, Allie helping Zach build a car out of legos, Olivia clapping, all of us laughing, raving positive reviews while eating possibly the worst blueberry muffins I have ever made. 

So, this past weekend, the day before the kids and I were supposed to leave with my mom to go and visit my sister in Wisconsin and take a trip to the Milwaukee County Zoo, I had definitely not planned for Olivia to come down with a 103-degree fever that would most definitely not go away in time for me to feel ok about packing her up for a six-hour road trip.  I was bummed. 

Monday, Zach and Allie left with my mom while Olivia and I stayed at home...not according to my original plan at all.  After a visit to the doctor to find out it was just something viral (surprise, surprise), we came home where Olivia proceeded to take the longest nap EVER.  I was definitely not planning on that either, but do you know how much you can get done during a 4.5 hour nap?!  It is truly amazing.  I exercised, reorganized my entire kitchen, made Goodwill piles, made trash piles, and even began on organizing the basement.

On Tuesday, Olivia was still not doing all that great, and proceeded to take two more extremely long naps which enabled me to continue my Goodwill and trash piles, organize the basement, organize the kids' rooms, you name it, I organized it.  I've been so busy with the kids and life that I didn't even realize how much we needed a major overhaul of our stuff.

By Wednesday, Olivia was so much improved that I was even able to run errands before the kids returned home.  Running errands with one kid is sooo much easier and quicker than with three!

I love my kiddoes, but I think God knew I needed a little break to get our house (and possibly my mind) back in order.  The peace and quiet not only did wonders for Olivia getting the rest she needed to feel better (seriously, she has never, EVER napped that long in her entire life), but helped me to feel a little more rejuvinated myself.  And, now that the kids are home, I realize that maybe, just maybe, things not going according to plan was possibly the best thing for my sanity.    

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Soccerbelle said...

What a wonderful uplifting posts about taking what life give you and finding the joy in it all. You're such a great mom! Your children are surely blessed.