Thursday, September 1, 2011


Is it really September?!  The above-90-degree temperature and insane humidity outside has me thinking that it is most definitely still July...which works out great because I actually still have some pictures to post from July!  Here goes:
Here is  Zach and his buddy Graydon.  I often feel bad for Zach because we tend to know a lot of families with lots of girls who LOVE to play dolls and dress up (none of which Zach has much interest in).  So, it is always fun for him to get together with Graydon and I enjoy watching them bond over monster trucks, race cars, and airplanes.    
On this particular afternoon, both Graydon and his little sister Tess came over to play while their mom and dad went to an appointment.  So, Allie followed Tess around, entertained her for the ENTIRE TIME, and made sure that Tess didn't fall down the stairs or get into any trouble (basically ensuring that Tess kept her cute little fingers off of Allie's toys).  All I have to say is that Allie and Zach are definitely in for quite a surprise once their little sister starts crawling/walking. 

On to the next set of neglected photos....

In the tropical weeks of this past July, Ben decided to help Allie make a wind chime out of some old copper tubing, wiring, and some sun catchers she had painted. 
I actually had a hard time taking pictures because the camera lens kept on fogging up due to the crazy humidity. 
The whole project, from start to finish, took a lot longer than expected and all three of them were soaking with sweat by the time they finally came in for a break...and some much needed lemonade.
Zach was incredibly enamored by the drilling and Allie decided to pretend to be cowgirl Jesse from Toy Story 2 with the leftover wire.
Here is the final product hanging by our back door (and you would think, due to the foggy nature of this picture, that I took it back in tropical July...but, no...I actually just took it 5 minutes ago and could not, for the life of me, keep the lens unfogged long enough to snap a picture....lovely September heat and humidity): 
This is not a fully functional wind chime (it really makes absolutely no noise), but Ben claims, in actuality, it was really more of an artistic endeavor anyway.  What do you think?  Maybe we should open an Etsy shop, huh?  Bwhahahahahahaha!  Ok, so in all honesty, I am impressed. I had no idea what to do with all the sun catchers that Allie had painted and was really not looking forward to hanging them in our living room window (as Allie suggested) and I never, in a million years, would have come up with this idea.  Plus, it is a great conversation piece!

And, just for is a picture of my almost-crawling babe:

If only she could figure out how to get herself to move forwards, we'd be in business.  And, thus concludes July photos.  Now, if only I could get caught up on my August pics before it is supposed to snow tomorrow.....kidding....kidding. 


ella peterson said...

man Jen! you had my hopes up for snow today! :P Can't wait to hear the adventures of Crawling Olivia and The Big Kid Reactions!

Jen D said...

You know, I am not one that typically looks forward to the snow at all, but after this summer, I am SOOOO ready for winter (I can't believe I admitted that in print!).

Annabelle said...

I just saw this blog post today. What great pics of the kids!