Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was my Allie-Babe's first day of kindergarten.
I told myself I wasn't going to get all sentimental over it, but yesterday after I almost chopped my left index finger off with an electric hedge trimmer, I had some time to reflect while waiting in the ER.  In between sobbing hysterically and contemplating how I would live life without my finger (it should come as no surprise to any of you that Allie obviously inherited her dramatic flair from yours truly), it hit me that my first baby was actually going to school the following day and I would be taking her...whether I had 9 fingers or 10. 
When I was still crying after the doctor had thoroughly numbed my finger (awww....sweet relief) and began sewing it back together, she asked what all the tears were for.  So, I told her all about my Allie, how she was going to school in the morning, how her stupid mom pretty much ruined the whole sacred-night-before-your-first-day-of-school-pick-out-your-outfit ritual by almost chopping her finger off while trimming a bush in the backyard, and how all three kids and my husband had been waiting for over an hour and a half in the ER lobby instead of enjoying our last summer barbecue together on the night before Allie's big day.  The doctor chuckled and began telling me all about her kids, their first days of kindergarten, and how she was just one big mess too.  In that moment, I was just so thankful that she didn't think I was completely out of my mind.
After five stitches and assurance from the doctor that I would be as good as new in a week's time, I went out to meet Ben and the kids.  And, right there next to Ben was my Allie, hanging on my every word, making sure that I was alright.  She was the one who walked into the ER with me, holding my wallet and insurance card as I held my blood-soaked, paper towel wrapped hand while Ben parked the car with the two other kids.  And, she was the one with tears in her own eyes, telling me everything was going to be ok, when she realized just how yucky the whole situation was.
I'm not quite sure when my first baby grew up, but she did. 
And today she could not contain her excitement as she began her first day of kindergarten...in fact, she was so excited that she was up and ready to go before 6am.
Although I'm sad at how fast almost 6 years have gone by, I couldn't be more proud of the little girl who walked fearlessly through those classroom doors this morning determined to take on the world.
Where other kids were teary-eyed and nervous, Allie could not wait for it all to begin. 

As she hung her princess back pack up, I couldn't help but smile.

Kindergarten is a whole new world, both for you and me, Allie-Babe. 
I'm so thankful for your excitement upon beginning this new adventure and know that God has some amazing things planned for you.
However, you and I are both going to need to work on our patience, though.  Apparently you were extremely bummed out to discover that you would not get to participate in every single activity during the first three-hour day of morning kindergarten.  Your tears of dissapointment over not being able to play outside on the playground (because that was the one thing you were looking forward to the most about going to kindergarten) quickly disappeared after a lunch filled with a play-by-play report of everything that happened on your first day...followed by a chocolate chip cookie. 
I, on the other hand, am still in tears over the state of my nasty finger, which unfortunately does not look or feel much better than it did a mere 24 hours ago.  Maybe I just need a chocolate chip cookie too.

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Amy said...

I'm not going to lie, reading your post got me all misty-eyed thinking about sending my own girls to kindergarten (albeit in 2 years). Can't believe Allie is in Kindergarten already! Happy school-years to the whole fam! :)