Friday, September 2, 2011

Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Last Saturday we went to Ben's summer work picnic at the....
Since our kids rise with the chickens, we got the zoo about a half hour before it opened.  So, we took pictures to pass the time.

And lest you think our children are always on their best behaviors, I present you with an example of the types of pictures I frequently edit out....

....which I'm not sure why...because this is definitely a more accurate depiction of our lives. 

Anyway, for the most part, the kids were pretty good.  We unfortunately had our fair share of less-than-stellar moments with the biggest melt-downs occurring prior to lunch...while we were waiting in line for food...while every single one of Ben's coworkers were in ear shot...and right before the president of the company walked over to say, "Hi."  Impeccable timing, to be sure. 

However, once everyone was fed, behavior dramatically improved, and we enjoyed our entire day at the zoo!

We were really excited to attend the dolphin show...Allie was especially ecstatic to discover that the momma dolphin shared her name. 
I guess I didn't get too many pictures of actual animals, but we did take quite a few shots by all the animal statues.
Olivia was also pretty enamored by the fish and turtles!

But, I don't think she saw any animals crazier than these two....

We spent a lot of time at the farm with one of Ben's coworker's family that has kids Allie and Zach's age. 

And we spent most of the afternoon playing in the new kids' tree house play area and splash pad. 
The Minnesota Zoo is nice, but I still don't understand how a zoo can be a zoo without elephants or giraffes. It just baffles my mind!  Thankfully, the kids didn't seem to notice, but ironically, Allie asked for a pink stuffed elephant at the gift shop....why a zoo without elephants sells stuffed elephants as a souvenir, I will never understand.
All in all it was a long, but incredibly fun day! 

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Laurie J said...

FUN! love the family pic :)