Sunday, September 4, 2011

MN State Fair

Last Monday we decided to hit up the MN State Fair.  We picked the PERFECT day for the Fair:  Sunny, but not to hot, with beautiful blue skies and a nice breeze. 

The first thing we did upon arriving at the fairgrounds (bright and early at 9 am) was purchase some delish Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies.  After the cookies were devoured (in no less than 5 minutes), we took our ride down the big slide and headed right for the mini donuts.  I have been talking up the mini donuts for WEEKS because that, along with a foot long corn dog, is my absolute favorite Fair food.  Unfortunately, Zach was not at all impressed by the size or temperature of the mini donuts.  He was expecting something much bigger, covered with chocolate and filled with creme, and definitely not piping hot.  We were all laughing hysterically when he declared his disappointment and refused to eat any of them.  Oh well...more for me!

After the mini donut debacle, we made our way over to the kiddie rides, collecting all kinds of free junk along the way...the most treasured of items being a Disney Tangled poster and chicken hats.
The rides, as always, were a huge hit with the kids.  Allie loves all the rides, but Zach is a little more hesitant in choosing what he will and will not go on. 

He definitely wouldn't brave it on the big drop.
 Allie, on the other hand, wanted to go again.
In fact, we had to stop this particular ride after one rotation around because Zach was screaming that it was going to fast and that he was going to fall off.

Thankfully, the rides ended on a happy note as both kids enjoyed the kiddie bumper boats.

After a visit to the kids' farm, looking at tractors, and collecting a lot more free junk at various booths, we decided it was high time for some lunch.  It was Pronto Pups all around for everyone....everyone, that is, except for Olivia who was completely conked out in her stroller.  Don't worry, she had lunch a little later after waking from her 2 hour nap (awesome!). 

Then, it was off to see the animals.  Sadly, the poultry barn was closed for cleaning, but we still got to see tons of pigs, cows, horses, sheep, and goats. 

After all that walking, it was definitely time for another snack (yep...there is a lot of eatin' to do at the MN State Fair).  We decided to hit up the dairy building to check out the princess butter sculptures (yep...they carve people out of butter here in the grand ole' state of MN) and get some ice cream. 

We even let Olivia have her first ice cream cone....
 LOVED it. 
In fact, when we finally had to take it away (because it was basically just a pile of mush left), she cried harder than I think she's ever cried before.  She was devastated. 
But, I get it.  I would be devastated too if someone yanked my ice cream cone out of my hands before I was done with it!

After the ice cream cones, we made sure to get a good spot for the afternoon parade.  The kids LOVE to watch the parade and this year was no exception. 

The parade usually marks the end to our fair day, but we made one last stop to get this year's annual personalized family Christmas ornament before hopping on the bus to head home. 

The MN Fair always seems to mark the end of summer festivities for us.  What a fun ending to another fabulous summer! 

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