Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh...the Excitement

Since this past weekend we've had way more excitement around here than what I am normally prepared for. 

It all began on Saturday, bright and early, with Allie not being able to sleep due to the drop-off birthday party she was due to attend at noon.  Not too surprisingly, she was awake and ready to go by 8:00 am.  Since I was getting absolutely nowhere with her as I tried desperately to explain that we still had 4 hours to kill until the party began, I decided my efforts would be better spent on a morning run. 

Realizing that the temps were a little cooler than my last outside run, I wore pants, but opted for a short sleeved T.  About a mile into my run, when I could no longer feel my fingers and my arms resembled the wings of a freshly plucked chicken, I came to the conclusion that if I can see my breath outside, I need to wear sleeves.  Despite the chill, I finished 3.5 miles in 34:59 and was pretty happy with that.

Later on Saturday while Allie partied it up, the rest of us went to Penzey's spices to restock my spice cabinet which was glaringly barren after I realized some spices had been taking up residency there for the past eight years.  At Penzey's, Ben mentioned something to me about Olivia feeling hot, but I chalked it up to the fact that her two front teeth were FINALLY making their appearance. 

After Penzey's and a visit to Choo-Choo Bob's train shop, we indulged in some Izzy's ice cream and picked up a few cupcakes to take home for a treat after dinner before we returned to claim our oldest child at the drop-off birthday party. 
The drop-off birthday party was indeed a huge hit and also provided the impetus for Allie to begin planning her own birthday party that is only a scant two months away. 

Upon our return home, Ben still insisted Olivia felt feverish, and the thermometer declared 102.4.  Lovely. 

Sunday brought church for Ben and the big kids while I stayed home with a sick Olivia who slept away most of the morning.  That afternoon, while the boys watched football, Allie and I ran a few errands:  grocery store, Target, and Toys'R Us....because, apparently life could not go on for Allie until she procured a Flynn Rider doll (which I mistakenly referred to as Flynn McRider when asking the sales associate if they had any additional dolls in the back when we were faced with a completely empty shelf). 

Long story short, Allie was supposed to earn the moola to pay for the doll, but we have yet to set anything formal into place as far as earning money for chores.  After two days of incessant asking for jobs to do (seriously, by incessant I mean at least 15 times every hour) performing the tasks (until there were no more tasks to be performed), and saving the money (in my defense, she already had $10 in her wallet), we were bad parents and just gave her the five extra bucks she needed for the doll.  So, she obviously didn't learn any big lesson about finances or saving, but now she has a Flynn Rider doll that poses with Rapunzel all around our house...looking like this:

Ok, so maybe Ben and I are the only ones with the minds of a pre-teen boy, but we couldn't stop laughing at Flynn's not-so-subtle hand placement. 
It was also about this same time on Sunday, in between fits of laughter, that we noticed Zach, although fever-free, had obviously contracted the black lung and has since kept us up each night with his incessant need to cough...and cough...and cough...and cough......

And, no, he does not wake up at the same time as fever-stricken Olivia who was diagnosed with Allie's mystery illness from two weeks ago at the after hours clinic last night by the same doctor who still proclaimed shock over Allie's mystery ailment. 

In between all of our weekend excitement, we also had preparations to make because both Allie and Zach are their classroom leaders this week.  Both kids had to make a poster about themselves.  Here's Allie's:

And, here's Zach's:

Obviously, we are still working on printing/coloring/any type of willingness to write or practice fine motor skills with Zach. 

Oh...in addition to the posters, we've also been diligent in clocking our 30 minutes of required reading per day.

Wow...obviously I failed to remind Allie to brush her hair on that particular day. 

So, that about sums up our exciting past few days.  I'm sure I'll hear lots more about Zach's special day today upon picking him up from preschool (he was SUPER excited about the snack he picked out to share:  vanilla yogurt raisins, Scooby-Doo graham snacks, and apple juice).  He was also supposed to share all of the items he (or, should I say Allie) gathered to put in the "letter bag" that begin with the letter "A" (their letter of the week).  I also can't wait to ask Allie about the little girl I saw her talking to and laughing with as she walked into school (Yay!  She's making friends!) and hear where she got to "lead" her class as line leader today.  But, now, Miss Olivia is awake from her nap, so I must see where we are with this nasty fever......

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Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Very eventful weekend indeed! Hope Olivia starts to feel better.. always breaks your heart when they dont feel good.