Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sick Day

Well, yesterday marked another first for our school year:  Allie had her first sick day.  Upon hearing that her temperature was 102 degrees and that she would have to stay home from school, she cried...big crocodile tears...which turned into sobs when she also realized she would be missing her very first day of dance as well. 

I gave her a hug, some much needed Tylenol, a blanket to ward off those chills, and a prime seat in front of the TV for some Disney Junior.  After 10 minutes, she claimed she was miraculously cured and was begging to go to school.  Unfortunately, her flushed cheeks and glassy eyes gave her away. 

Thankfully, the strep test came back negative, so it looks like we just have a nasty virus on our hands.  A virus that better run its course quickly, if Allie has anything to say about it. 

As a kid, I remember many days feeling devastated about being sick and missing school too.  I'm absolutely sure I cried over a missed school day more than a few times.  Heck, I know that there were many times I went to school sick when I probably should have stayed home.  I had to be on death's door to actually want to stay home from school or voluntarily miss any event...and even then, I wasn't too happy about it.  In fact, I played principal for our very last high school orchestra concert exactly three days after getting my wisdom teeth removed and I vividly remember the taste of blood in my mouth by the end of the performance. 

Anyway, we passed the time yesterday reading books and watching TV and waiting more than forever at the doctor's office.  I know Allie is hoping to be fully recovered by this morning...because it is gym day at school today and she cannot miss gym day!

I'm just hoping, by some miracle, that Allie can keep her nasty bug to herself.  Only 4 days into school and already new germs are infiltrating our house?!  I fear it is going to be a long school year....

Now, it is off to get Zach ready for his big first day of preschool! 

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