Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Survived Last Week

After a truly crazy last week, I can finally say things are getting back to normal around here....the new normal, that is.  I think the kids would prefer to have a few of those lazy summer days back again, complete with hours spent running around outside and thrashing around in the swimming pool, but school and preschool are now in full swing, making for busy and oftentimes hectic mornings as I try to corral all three kids and myself out the door by 8:30 am.

It seems that Allie does not get sick often, but when she does, she gets REALLY sick.  I spent most of last week trying to determine what was best to do for Allie as her temps soared into the upper 104's (her highest was 105.1--yikes!)  and her tonsils continued to become more inflamed and coated with white nasty gunk.  Most likely conclusion:  Strep.  Unfortunately, the rapid strep test came back negative and we were sent home from the doctor's office on Monday with the assumption that it was some unknown virus. 

The next day her condition worsened so I went back to the doctor's office where her white blood cell count was determined to be elevated.  So, we began round 1 of antibiotics for strep throat with the assumption that both the rapid strep and overnight culture resulted in a false negative. 

Thursday, with no improvement on the antibiotics, we were back at the doctor's office for more tests that resulted in no real answers.  We began another antibiotic because of how terrible her throat looked (and obviously felt) and how high her fever was. 

By Friday evening, with no real improvement on the second antibiotic, I was pretty certain we'd be spending Saturday at the Children's Hospital ER.  However, when Allie woke up on Saturday morning, almost fever-free, we decided to wait the day out.  By Saturday evening, she was a million times better, with little-to-no throat pain and absolutely NO fever.  We are still not certain what made the change...whether it was the antibiotic or the mystery illness finally running its course.  Either way, we are just thankful to have our normal, bubbly, energetic, talkative Allie back.  And, thankfully, no one else has any inkling of illness!  Hopefully, I didn't just jinx that....

Needless to say, Allie is more than happy to be back at school this week.  She was devastated to miss 5 whole days and couldn't wait to get back to class. 

Last week was Zach's first week of preschool and I think he was pretty bummed he only goes 2 days a week.  Granted, it was kind of boring for him around here with all the sickness drama so he was really excited to go back to his class today.  I've had a hard time getting him to open up about his day at school, what he is doing, who he is meeting, books his class is reading, etc.  But, I've discovered if I ask him what they ate for a snack, all of a sudden he is more than willing to tell me every single thing about his day!  Today, for instance, he ate pretzel sticks, cinnamon crackers, and apple juice that was "really, really, yummy!"  Then, he went on to tell me about this really cool race car book he read and how he doesn't like that the teachers play music when it is pick-up time because all the other kids dance around and don't pick anything up, but he picks things up because he really doesn't like dancing anyway and he wants to be a good helper for the teachers.  I also heard about the balls in the gym and how they painted and he got paint all over his hands and had to wash it off before snack time.   

Olivia has still been working desperately to crawl...all while trying to cut three teeth.  Her days have been a little bit more fussy than normal, especially since she has been forced to miss many of her morning naps while I cart Allie and Zach around.  She has discovered the joy of Allie and Zach's Little People toys.  She especially loves the farm and all the animals....she plays with it all day long.  She has been sportin' all her 18 month fall clothes, but unfortunately the leggings we bought for her are a tad bit too snug.  Not only do they leave elastic marks on those chunk-o-licious thighs, but they give her a horrible case of plumber's butt! 

Not too much new on my side of things.  I was finally able to score the last copy of Jillian's "Ripped in 30" DVD at Target this past Sunday.  Although I was disappointed with the first level (or maybe my expectations were too high?  I was anticipating being on my death bed after the 30 minute regimen, but instead hopped on the treadmill for 15 more minutes), I am feelin' a tad bit sore after I tackled the second level this morning.  Still not horrendous or anything, but definitely more challenging than level 1.  My butt and shoulders are definitely not happy with me right now. 

Anyway, I think I should end this post before I ramble on any more than I already have.  Plus, I believe I hear the kiddoes stirring from their naps.  Happy Tuesday, all!

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