Monday, September 12, 2011

Weight Loss Update

Anyone else besides myself wonder what happened to my regular weight loss posts? 

Believe me, it is not like I don't have anything to say regarding the topic of weight's just that most of it is quite negative because it seems no matter what I try, I absolutely cannot shake these last five pounds! 

I know, I know.  In the whole grand scheme of things, what's 5 pounds?  Right?  I mean, I have actually lost a significant amount of weight since October 30, 2010 (44 pounds, to be exact), so I should be happy with that, right? 

Well, it turns out, I'm not.  And, unfortunately, even though I realize I am being completely ridiculous, I'm having an extremely difficult time changing the way I feel about it. 

You see, back when I was a mom of two, before Olivia was even in the picture, I found myself  far over weight and extremely unhealthy.  I made a commitment to myself that I was finally going to do something about it and I had my mind set on a certain number.  A little over 9 months and 62 pounds later, I reached that goal...and it felt amazing.  I should mention that I had the help of Weight Watchers, but the discipline to exercise daily and control my food intake was a lot of my own hard work. 

Yes, I know I am still nursing and there are a lot of hormones that come into play that can adequately explain my body's refusal to let go of these last 5 pounds, but none of the logical reasons make me feel any better.  I've made significant lifestyle changes regarding my eating and exercise habits over the past three years and it seems so irritating that I can't seem to get back to my pre-preggo weight.  In fact, I truly believe I must be the only person in the whole world that can run twenty miles a week while meticulously watching what I eat and still not lose weight. 

Alright, now that I have whined sufficiently for us all, let's take a look at the positives.  Because, regardless of whether or not I'm pleased by the numbers on the scale, I know without a doubt that I am a much healthier and happier person than I was three years ago. 

For instance, three years ago, I performed most of my work out DVDs with 3 lb weights.  Today, it doesn't really even seem like a work out unless I have my 5 lb weights.  Then, an outside run of 1.5 miles was about all I could muster.  This past Saturday, I went for a 40 minute run, and to my surprise, as I was rounding the block to our house, I looked down at my Garmin and realized I had run 4.1 miles.  A half hour bike ride three years ago left my legs tired and achey.  This past summer, Allie and I went on several 15-20 mile rides and enjoyed every second of it. 

So, even though I'm not at my goal weight, my endurance level is way beyond what it was three years ago.  And, strangely enough, I actually look forward to exercise, especially running.  Although I have had my fair share of tight muscles, achey joints, and shin pain this past year, I love how a good run can be such a stress reliever for it can help clear my head and frustration with the mundane tasks of life seems greatly reduced after a good pounding of the my patience and tolerance levels for life's little irritations increase. 

However, in order to cut back on some of the physical strain caused by my daily runs, and in an effort to increase my core strength, I added back in some of my beloved (ha...hahahahahaha!) Jillian Michael's DVDs.  I alternate every day between pounding out 3 or so miles outside or on the treadmill and a strength training video.  I have 4 DVDs that I rotate around to help me from getting too bored.  I was also going to add in Ms. Michael's "Ripped in 30," but Target has been out of stock for the past month.  Anyone tried it?  What did you think?  Any other DVD ideas for core-strength training? 

So, to sum things up in the weight loss arena: 
5 lbs to go...
extremely irritated...
but I actually enjoy a good work out...well, that and Edy's Slow Churned Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.   


Soccerbelle said...

1. Muscle weighs more than fat. Could it be that you are actually in better shape than before but just happen to weigh 5lbs more?

2. You are an amazing mom and wife. You do a great job of keeping your expectations of your children reasonable and you applaud all their achievements no matter how great (or small). Remember to give yourself that same love. You deserve it.

Laurie J said...

wow. way to go! I'll bet those 5 lbs are just sitting in Olivia's bottles ;) you look great!

Jen D said...

Awwww...thanks for the encouragement, gals. I know my feelings about this are completely irrational (that's mostly why I haven't talked about them much), but it's hard to change how you feel, you know? Plus, I have this one pair of jeans that I just can't wait to get into again :)

ella peterson said...

ripped in 30: while I haven't tried it I know someone who has. they were very impressed with the gain of core strength from the workouts but they physically did not see any difference. Having said that, the person I know was not as thin as you at the beginning or end of her workouts.

Jen D said...

Thanks for the tip, Rachel!

Kirstjen said...

You should try P90X…it's a doozie! And it will definitely help your core strength. It is a little pricey but I assume you can find a used copy on craigslist.

We completed about a third of the full program but are taking a break currently as I couldn't consume enough calories to nurse the twins and do an intense workout. We plan to restart when I'm done nursing.

Once we started, it made all the Jillian Michaels workouts seem like you weren't even doing anything. Ha!

Hope you guys are doing well! Kirstjen