Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick Or Treat!

Despite a cold, our 1-year old tulip fairy was pretty excited for her first ever trick-or-treat. 

The big kids couldn't wait to get their buckets filled with candy.

We had a great night..not too cold and not too windy!
(FYI--Ben is sporting a super cool glow-in-the dark baseball cap and I'm wearing an even cooler glow-in-the-dark flower mask.  Way to go Dollar Store!)

I came back early with Zach and Olivia.  I think Zach only wanted to come back because we told him he couldn't eat any candy until we came home.  Olivia was extremely excited about her very own animal crackers and proceeded to stuff them in her mouth as soon as I opened the package. 
Allie would have trick-or-treated all night, but Ben convinced her to come back before her bucket was overflowing. 
Now that the kids are all in bed, I think it's time to raid their candy buckets for the Almond Joys, my favorite!

Kindergarten Halloween Party

This morning Allie left for school dressed like this:
She was extremely excited for her first Kindergarten Halloween party and it was a dream come true for her to go to school dressed as a princess butterfly.  I was just glad that my foray into the world of face painting didn't turn out too disastrous.

She made sure to show us just exactly how a butterfly would look mid-flight:

Then, I was required to get a good shot of her sparkly wings:

Now that she's at kindergarten for the morning, I need to de-glitter the kitchen floor and make some pumpkin-shaped PB&J's for lunch. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre Halloween Festivities

Our Halloween fun began this past Thursday as Zach dressed up for his preschool Halloween party and parade.
All month Zach has been planning to dress up as a construction worker (complete with Ben's real hard hat), but when the day came to put on his costume, he decided he'd rather go as Buzz with real wings.  We had the costume from last year, so it worked out great!
The jury's still out as to what he will decide to go trick-or-treating in.  He isn't really that into dress up and asked us today if he could just skip the costume and still get candy.  We said no.  However, I don't think it will be too much of a problem because Zach would do just about ANYTHING for candy.

Ben was able to take some time off work to come see Zach parade into chapel with his other classmates.

The kids had a short program followed by their performance of a few Halloween songs.  Zach told me he absolutely would not sing, so imagine my surprise when I saw his lips moving!

He didn't do ANY actions, but that's was seriously a miracle that he actually sang!
Maybe by the Christmas program we'll incorporate some actions....ehhhhh...probably not.

Regardless, he's still the cutest singing Buzz I've ever laid eyes on.

Saturday afternoon, I had the great idea to carve our pumpkins.  It was a beautiful Fall day...perfect for scooping out pumpkin goo! 

What I anticipated to be an hour long project turned into three hours.

To be fair, Ben did most of the grunt work.  I merely drew the faces on the pumpkins before I had to watch Olivia and do some prep for her birthday party the following day.
Nevertheless, the end result turned out pretty awesome and the kids are excited to display their jack-o-lanterns for trick or treating. 

Here's Allie's pumpkin...she requested eye lashes and hair:
This is Zach's pumpkin...he requested eye brows and a big, scary smile with sharp teeth:
Olivia's pumpkin is a throw back to the old school way of pumpkin carving.  With just a sharp knife, Ben created this simple and actually kind of freaky looking jack-o-lantern:

Here's a shot of the pumpkin master himself:
I couldn't pass up a photo op with my cute pumpkins...all six of them!
We'll be lucky to get any sleep tonight with how excited the kids are about trick or treating tomorrow....which is unfortunate because after this crazy/busy/fun weekend....I'm beat.  Happy early Halloween!   

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boys' Day

See these two happy faces?
Why the big, cheesy grins?  Well....because those two (along with Grandpa) scored tickets to the Packer/Viking Game this past Sunday.  There was LOTS of excitement around our house last week in anticipation of the big game.

Zach was not only excited about the football game, but almost giddy about riding the train to downtown Minneapolis.

The 30 minute train ride absolutely did not disappoint.  Unfortunately, the connecting light rail route from the end of the Northstar Line at the Twins Stadium to the Metrodome was temporarily broken...resulting in quite a long walk through downtown Minneapolis. 

That is definitely one brave little guy...walking through prime Vikings territory proudly wearing his Packers hat!

Once they made it to the stadium and found their seats....

...the eating commenced.
I'm not sure if Zach was more enthralled by the players....

....or the food.

My money is most definitely on the food.

Apparently, he consumed a chocolate covered pumpkin marshmallow, a giant pretzel, a ginormous cookie ice cream sandwich, an even larger ice cream cone, and a piece of pepperoni pizza.
When I asked Ben why in the world he let Zach eat so much junk, he responded, "The ice cream cone alone lasted for almost an entire quarter...which meant I could actually watch the game for almost an entire quarter!" 

Apparently, for his first Packers game, Zach did very well...considering he is an extremely wiggly-four-year old who often gets antsy when made to sit for long periods of time. 

After the game was done, Zach proclaimed that he was full.  I should think so.

His favorite things about the game included..."eating all the snacks--most of all the ice cream" (surprise, surprise!), "the huge pirate ship that the Vikings ran out of," and "the fireworks." He said the song they sang after every Viking touchdown was annoying and that the "GO PACK GO" chants hurt his ears! 

Ben was just happy that the Packers pulled off a victory.  Apparently there were some pretty tense moments and the score wasn't quite what he had hoped (I wouldn't know...I was at Mall of America with Olivia, Allie, and my mom checking out the American Girl Doll store).

Overall, for a first Packer game, it was a success.  Apparently the only thing that would have made the experience better would have been seeing the Packers play at Lambeau.  Someday, boys...someday.....

Look, Mom! I Learned a New Trick!

Needless to say, someone was pretty proud of herself this morning when I went in to get her.