Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Boys' Day

See these two happy faces?
Why the big, cheesy grins?  Well....because those two (along with Grandpa) scored tickets to the Packer/Viking Game this past Sunday.  There was LOTS of excitement around our house last week in anticipation of the big game.

Zach was not only excited about the football game, but almost giddy about riding the train to downtown Minneapolis.

The 30 minute train ride absolutely did not disappoint.  Unfortunately, the connecting light rail route from the end of the Northstar Line at the Twins Stadium to the Metrodome was temporarily broken...resulting in quite a long walk through downtown Minneapolis. 

That is definitely one brave little guy...walking through prime Vikings territory proudly wearing his Packers hat!

Once they made it to the stadium and found their seats....

...the eating commenced.
I'm not sure if Zach was more enthralled by the players....

....or the food.

My money is most definitely on the food.

Apparently, he consumed a chocolate covered pumpkin marshmallow, a giant pretzel, a ginormous cookie ice cream sandwich, an even larger ice cream cone, and a piece of pepperoni pizza.
When I asked Ben why in the world he let Zach eat so much junk, he responded, "The ice cream cone alone lasted for almost an entire quarter...which meant I could actually watch the game for almost an entire quarter!" 

Apparently, for his first Packers game, Zach did very well...considering he is an extremely wiggly-four-year old who often gets antsy when made to sit for long periods of time. 

After the game was done, Zach proclaimed that he was full.  I should think so.

His favorite things about the game included..."eating all the snacks--most of all the ice cream" (surprise, surprise!), "the huge pirate ship that the Vikings ran out of," and "the fireworks." He said the song they sang after every Viking touchdown was annoying and that the "GO PACK GO" chants hurt his ears! 

Ben was just happy that the Packers pulled off a victory.  Apparently there were some pretty tense moments and the score wasn't quite what he had hoped (I wouldn't know...I was at Mall of America with Olivia, Allie, and my mom checking out the American Girl Doll store).

Overall, for a first Packer game, it was a success.  Apparently the only thing that would have made the experience better would have been seeing the Packers play at Lambeau.  Someday, boys...someday.....

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