Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun

Last Saturday we had planned to spend the day running errands and hanging out around the house due to impending rain in the forecast.  However, after our errands were finished, the sun was still shining and the temps were hovering around a warm and balmy 80-degrees.  We couldn't waste such a beautiful Fall day, so on a whim we decided to visit a local corn maze/harvest festival near our home. 

Since our visit was unplanned, all we had to document our fun was Ben's camera on his phone. 
I was actually quite impressed at the quality of pictures it took...apparently camera phones have come a long way in the past few years. 

Anyway, the kids had a blast with all the fun Fall activities.  I'm not quite sure how a giant slide and bouncy houses/climbers fit into the realm of Fall harvest festivities, but the kids didn't seem to care. 

The petting zoo was definitely Olivia's favorite thing.  She wanted to get her little chubby hands on every single animal in that pen!

Allie and Zach thought it was really cool that there were brushes provided to groom the animals.

The corn maze, which was supposed to be the main attraction, held our kids' attention for no more than about two minutes.  We seriously walked into the corn field about ten feet and Allie and Zach declared they were done.  They had no desire to wander aimlessly amongst overgrown corn stalks when there were hay bales just a few feet away to leap over.

The biggest hit with the kids, though, was none other than the corn pit. 

Ben and I had never heard of such a thing before (is the corn pit a Minnesota thing?!), but the kids seemed to have a blast "swimming" through the gazillions of dried corn kernels. 

Olivia's time in the corn pit was limited due to the fact that she kept on trying to consume handfulls of corn kernels.  I honestly had no desire to dive in...I know, I pooper.  But, someone had to supervise the babe....

....and, in my defense, it was 80-degrees outside, I was sweating, and the thought of immersing myself in corn seemed kind of disgusting despite Ben's insistence that it was quite refreshing.  Errr....Maybe next year. 

We were fortunate enough to extend our corn pit experience by bringing quite a few kernels home with us.  In addition to finding corn in the kids' pockets, there was also an ample supply in each one of their underwear--ack!  It was at that moment that I gained all the affirmation I will ever need regarding my decision to refrain from the corn diving...because, seriously, does anyone have any idea where some of that corn has been?!

After the corn pit, we ate a carmel apple with some ice cold water.  There was plenty of hot apple cider, coffee, and hot chocolate to be had, but the warm weather led most people looking for something to cool off with.

We made sure to pick up our pumpkins on the way out beffore loading our over-hyper children (well, 2-over hyper children...Olivia was completely conked out in her stroller by the end) into the mini van to head home.  We definitely had a fun Fall day!

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Laurie J said...

fall fun indeed! ben's comment of the corn being 'refreshing' made me laugh.....i'd be out with you supervising the babies!! ;)