Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy 11 Months, Olivia!

Wow.  I can hardly believe that I am writing your 11 month update, bug-a-boo.   I know, I know....I'm late again in getting this post togethher, but you have kept me especially busy over the past couple weeks!

Unfortunately, you spent the whole last half of the month pretty sick and the picture above is just about how you were for two weeks' time.  In addition to a nasty cold with a high fever, you also cut both of your top teeth!  The teething made you pretty miserable and we spent a lot of time cuddling together.  I have never, EVER seen more swollen gums than the gums you were sportin' prior to those two teeth popping through.  Ouch!

Thankfully, even though you now have another cold, it isn't bothering you nearly as much and you are back to your old, happy, almost 24 pound self.
Your biggest accomplishment this month was learning how to get from your stomach into a sitting position.  This enables you to roll and scoot wherever you please to get at whatever you want.  You are sooooo close to crawling, but just can't figure out how to get that forward momentum yet.  It is hilarious to watch you get yourself into a plank position (I have got to get a picture of it!) begin to panic because you don't know what to do with your hands and tippy toes as they are occupied by holding your body up.  I'm starting to think that you may just skip this whole crawling stage because you've also started to pull yourself up and will take a few steps with our assistance.  It seems those little chubby legs are getting stronger by the day. 

You still love to mimic everything we do....from clapping.... shaking your head "no" (even when you mean to say "yes"). 
You will pretend to brush your hair if we hand you a comb and will page through a book whenever you can get your hands on one.  You know exactly what to do with a crayon and have more than once tried to take a drink out of my soda can.  You almost always wave to say "goodbye" and blow kisses when it is bedtime. 

You are starting to inherit your sister Allie's love for performance.  You have already mastered Allie's "so cute" pose:

And, you give us this look when we ask you to put on your grump face:

I am fairly certain you understand almost everything we say to you.  The other day you were rolling all around and I told you that you needed to sit on your bottom.  You rolled right over on your tummy and got into a sitting position immediately.  You also fully understand when we say "no" to dumping your plate on the floor, but that definitely does not mean that you listen!

You have a few of your own words that you say as well:  Mama, Dada, and a version of "all done" that sounds sort of like "ah-duh."  You also point to things a lot and say "dis" and I'm pretty sure you're asking, "What's this?"  I also think you say "mmmm" for milk, but it sounds pretty similar to your version of "mama." 

We discovered your love for baby dolls this past month while we were browsing the toy aisle at the store. You were pretty quiet sitting in the cart as we went down every aisle, but when we went down the baby doll aisle, you began kicking and squealing with delight.  We went straight home and brought out all of Allie's old baby dolls (that she never played with...thus, they are basically still new baby dolls) and you were delighted!  You also LOVE to play with the Fisher Price Little People House and Farm sets.   

You still sleep like a champ...from about 7:45 pm - 6:15 am.  Naps are a bit of a challenge due to Allie and Zach's school schedules.  Typically, you catch a short morning nap in the van (about 15-20 min) in between taking Allie to kindergarten and Zach to preschool.  Then, you are ready for an afternoon nap by about 1:30 and will sleep until 3:00.  Some days, though, you will take a longer morning nap and skip your afternoon nap.  And, still, other days you will skip your morning nap completely and take a longer afternoon nap.  Basically, I'm so happy that you are flexible and aren't too crabby when we have to change things up on you almost daily. 

We are fully transitioning you to drinking solely out of a sippy cup.  You use a straw cup most times and are down to nursing only twice a day.  I've introduced milk and you LOVE it!  You feed yourself finger foods for the most part.  Unfortunately, you've gotten much pickier and it is now a challenge to get you to eat peas or green beans.  And, you absolutely do not want to eat anything on your plate if it is not on ours!  Your favorites are definitely bananas and cheese....and possibly that piece of Zach's birthday cake we let you have.  
Olivia, you are such a happy, sweet baby!  You make everyone smile!  We love you---Happy 11 Months!

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