Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Zach!

Last Wednesday my resident three year old graduated to four year old status.  Since then he's been quick to remind me of that fact when I, out of habit, refer to him as "my three year old."  Since turning four Zach has also decided that he only takes showers now (as opposed to baths) and is willing to make his bed each day.  So far, this fourth year is shaping up to be pretty great!

The birthday festivities began the weekend before his actual birthday when Grandma and Grandpa presented him with his first birthday gift of the year. 

As you can see, our resident five year old (almost six year old) was having a difficult time being ok with the fact that the attention was focused solely on the birthday boy.  No matter how many times we reminded her that she has had two more birthdays than Zach, she still insisted that it is not fair that Zach's birthday is before hers.  Thankfully, Zach didn't allow her attitude to spoil his birthday fun!   
After the Finn McMissile Water Track (complete with color changing cars) was opened, it was time to try it out.
It was definitely just as cool as anticipated and now takes up permanent residence in his room. 

The day before Zach's actual birthday, we made sure to spruce up the house with a few Cars 2 (it had to be Cars 2...not Cars 1) decorations. 

We also made sure to pick up the cake....which Zach proclaimed was the coolest cake ever.
On his fourth birthday, Zach woke up to a chocolate chip pancake breakfast, complete with scrambled eggs, bacon, and most importantly....FOUR candles!

We invited a couple friends over to spend the morning playing all things, trucks, airplanes, sandbox.  There was lots of running, playing, laughing, and of course eating (mac and cheese with cupcakes for dessert, of course). 

Zach had a blast and can't wait for the next time he can have two friends over (because Allie only ever gets to have one friend at a time....apparently, he felt super duper special because he invited TWO friends!). 

Ben was able to get home from work early...which was a good thing because I don't think Zach could have waited much longer to open his presents!

He was thrilled to get a Packer shirt (which he has decided he is wearing for his preschool pictures tomorrow), space/rocket ship play sets, a Finn McMissile with wings (Allie picked that out especially for him), and a remote control truck.  He also received some birthday money that he used to buy some more Cars 2 cars and play set this past weekend. 

To keep Olivia away from his new toys, Zach gave Olivia the cards to play with.  She was pretty thrilled!

After opening presents, we all headed outside to watch Zach try out his new remote control truck....which was a HUGE hit.  He's been outside playing with it daily since last Wednesday!

Then, it was time for dinner.  Cheese-in-the-crust pizza from Pizza Hut was the birthday boy's request.

Following dinner, it was time to cut into that really cool cake.  I think Zach was most excited about blowing out more candles.  In fact, he actually requested we put candles in his pizza too!

The cake was delicious--as both Allie and Olivia will attest to.

Following tradition, Zach only ate the icing off his cake and requested more.  So, I swapped him my icing in exchange for his cake.  One of these years we are going to have to get the birthday boy a cake made completely out of icing--he would be completely thrilled!

It was a fun day celebrating all things Zach!  Happy Birthday, Zacker-Boy--We Love You! 

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